Monday, 25 July 2011

Broadband VoIP system revolutionises business communication

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A new Voice over IP system is taking the local markets by storm by offering a simple answer to the need for a reliable and cost effective communication system for businesses nationwide. Enabling up to 45 voice calls over a single ADSL line, Voice over Internet Broadband Enhancement or ‘ViBE’ addresses the single biggest barrier to mass adoption of VoIP in the SME and Enterprise market: expense.
The introduction of ViBE into South Africa means that the presence of Voice over IP in the local market is set to boom. ViBE provides a method of maximising existing investment by reducing the amount of bandwidth required for VoIP traffic and works equally as well over most forms of Broadband. Through Rheid Communications who are the sole distributors of the product in South Africa, ViBE is predicted to flourish, acting as the answer to the need for a cost effective and reliable communication system.

Harry Pontikos, Technical Director for Rheid Communications indicates, “ ViBE’s defining feature is that both data and voice can reside on the same link without impacting on the quality of the voice, while it can also manage a high volume of voice calls at one time without affecting the quality.”

The use of ViBE can produce improvements in call carrying density of 200% to 500% and simultaneously optimise the remaining bandwidth for other applications. In the past, local Broadband infrastructure could not support more than 3 to 4 simultaneous calls over a standard ADSL line. For this reason, few businesses have realistically been able to implement VoIP systems that truly deliver what is promised. Using ViBE, up to 45 calls can be carried with no loss of quality.

ViBE translates into real cost savings as call centres and other businesses no longer need expensive ISDN lines for high call capacity. For example a single ViBE enabled ADSL line can carry up to 45 concurrent calls, thereby optimising the return on expenditure. Using higher speed WiMax or ADSL lines call capacity can be increased even further. Since ViBE is media independent, most forms of Broadband are supported. Businesses can now truly take advantage of the cost savings and convenience attributed to making calls using VoIP technology.

The product has taken the international market by storm this year, receiving the 2008 VON Magazine Innovator Award, one of the top listings of innovative companies that represent the future of the Internet Communications industry.

Pontikos finishes, “I firmly believe ViBE will revolutionise the delivery of VoIP, enabling bandwidth to be used to its maximum capacity and allowing the true potential of VoIP to be realised in South Africa”.

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