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Tuesday, 23 February 2010 15:24

Do you need to include mobile in your marketing mix?

{pp}Nowadays, cellphones offer so many ways to communicate. They have evolved from simple voice and text messaging devices into smart phones with a plethora of advanced features and enhanced connectivity.
Ever present, these smart phones have impacted how we go about our daily activities and how we interact and communicate with others. As an increasing number of phones with touch screens and Internet connectivity are being introduced to the market, more consumers are using their cellphones as mobile computers. Improved technology and displays mean that these smart phones can do a lot more than their predecessors, like displaying full websites on small screens.

Modern mobile browsers have made Internet browsing easier and more mainstream and as a result South African mobile Internet usage has soared. In October cellular providers announced that they are cutting the cost of their services including Internet data costs. These rate cuts will undoubtedly translate into more affordable cellphone contracts for more sophisticated devices with tariffs that include data and Internet browsing. This will surely mean a further increase in mobile Internet usage in the coming months. World Wide Worx's Annual Mobility Study for 2009 showed that South Africa had reached 50-million connections at the end of 2008, with 68% of these representing individual users.

Research participants in a study conducted by Orange rated mobile media as the most personal and innovative media, highlighting mobile's potential in the marketing mix. Participants also revealed they access mobile Internet mostly from home, either to check emails or browse the Internet. According to a report by South Africans use the mobile web to search, email and visit social networks. South Africa has more than ten million unique mobile Internet users a month compared to just over five million unique desktop Internet users per month. According to Len Pienaar, CEO of FNB mCommerce a recent study indicated that 28% of banking customers use their cellphones for banking compared to just 16% who use the Internet. The study also showed that 34% of banking customers use one or both channels.

What does the growth of the mobile Internet mean for your business? Firstly, it is important to ensure your current website renders well on a mobile phone. It is not necessary to purchase a .mobi domain, a .com or domain will still be viewable in a mobile browser. Check your website in your phone's browser and make sure the website loads fast. It might be prudent to include smaller and fewer images and to make use of simpler navigation. Furthermore, make sure that your contact details can be easily accessed via a mobile browser since an increasing number of consumers are making use of their cellphones to check directions or contact details.

One of the areas that FormFunction Digital Consultants specialise in is creating mobile friendly websites, .Mobi site and mobile software application development amongst others and has a number of mobile projects that will be launching in 2010. Cellphones have changed our lives in a major way and will definitely continue to change the way we do business and communicate. Are you ready for it?

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