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Wednesday, 16 September 2009 11:13

ArcSight launches ArcSight Express

{pp}Blue Turtle Technologies, the local ArcSight representative, has added ArcSight Express to its offering. The software includes the correlation rules, dashboards, and reports that matter in the protection of business.

ArcSight Inc. (NASDAQ: ARST), represented locally by Blue Turtle Technologies, has announced the launch of the ArcSight Express family of compliance and security monitoring appliances targeted at the needs of mid-size enterprises. Leveraging expertise and insights gained from serving over 1,200 organisations, ArcSight Express includes the correlation rules, dashboards, and reports that matter in the protection of business.

ArcSight Express reduces the demands on in-house security experts – with predefined threat detection rules, dashboards, and reports – a significant advantage when compared to other SIEM products. “Typically very large organisations have more training, security skills, and technology safeguards in place, than most IT organisations have. This is a problem since businesses, irrespective of size, face the same vulnerabilities and security challenges – it’s a matter of scale,” says Martyn Healy, Marketing Director, Blue Turtle Technologies.

“With this announcement, ArcSight is delivering enterprise experience to companies of all sizes, a system designed for ease-of-use, packaging, and cost-effective operation. “With ArcSight Express customers have improved overall security by understanding risks better. ArcSight Express’ automation also helps demonstrate compliance more efficiently through ‘out-of-the-box’ compliance reports without the need to manually sift through mounds of data. ArcSight is the cornerstone of business compliance and security programs,” says Healy.

ArcSight Express is tailored to organisations with limited in-house security expertise, looking for increased compliance and security at affordable prices and reduced administrative requirements. With ArcSight Express, security incident detection and notification is automated and IT personnel are able to focus on responding to important security incidents. Customers benefit from industry leading enterprise event correlation in a simplified, easy-to-use appliance with pre-built expert rules available at a range of price points that can meet their budget.

ArcSight Express includes an ArcSight Express correlation appliance for real-time correlation, an ArcSight Express log management appliance for long-term storage, and built-in expert correlation rules, dashboards, and reports needed to secure the IT infrastructures found in mid-size organisations. ArcSight Express works with the ArcSight SmartConnector family that collects event data in native format from more than 275 devices and applications, and normalizes the data into a common format for correlation and analysis.

“ArcSight SIEM products are solid and tested in hundreds of the world’s largest enterprises today,” says ArcSight CEO Tom Reilly. “We are now taking our years of experience with advanced deployments and packaging a solution to address the needs of a much broader market segment. For mid-size business with constrained resources and budgets, ArcSight Express acts as their security expert, removing the need for custom rule development, and automates security operations - eliminating the need for a fully staffed 24x7 SOC, yet providing the automated monitoring needed around the clock. We are excited to offer our new ArcSight Express family for mid-size organisations looking to benefit from world-class security expertise with our correlation and analysis capabilities at a fraction of the cost.”

About Blue Turtle Technologies
Blue Turtle Technologies provides and supports best-in-class software solutions that optimise, enhance and leverage existing IT investment and assist in the cost-effective delivery of new technology. The company offers an extensive product range, sourced through its strategic partnerships with leading local and international software providers, augmented by best-practice implementation services.

About ArcSight
ArcSight (NASDAQ: ARST) is a leading global provider of compliance and security management solutions that protect enterprises and government agencies. ArcSight helps customers comply with corporate and regulatory policy, safeguard their assets and processes, and control risk. The ArcSight platform collects and correlates user activity and event data across the enterprise so that businesses can rapidly identify, prioritize, and respond to compliance violations, policy breaches, cybersecurity attacks, and insider threats.

For more information, visit . (ARST-IR)

Contact information:
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Enquiries: Martyn Healy
Tel: 011 206 5600
Fax: 011 206 5606

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