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Monday, 29 June 2009 13:17

Skill Gaming an Internet Hit – Qeep Introduces the Concept to the South African Mobile World

{pp}Simple online games with real cash prizes continue to gain popularity
Qeep becomes the first to offer worldwide skill gaming for mobile phones

Qeep, the mobile gaming and friend network brings skill gaming with cash payoffs to the mobile world. For the first time ever, users from all over the world can play instantly against each other for real money from their mobile phones.

The skill gaming model is not a new concept; a number of internet websites have already had great success by offering entertaining logic, puzzle and card games from which players can win money. Qeep, however, is the first to offer this concept globally and exclusively on mobile phones. Qeep’s already popular casual live games are the basis with just one major difference: now it’s for real money.

Each player on qeep can choose from a number of different stakes depending on how confident they are in their skills and how much they want to win. Transactions are made securely via credit card and only users above the age of 18 are eligible.

People who want in on the action don’t need to be avid gamers to have a chance to win. All games are easy and intuitive with comprehensive instructions.
The possibility to play qeep games for real cash speaks not only to the existing qeep community but also addresses a new, gaming-oriented user group. To make their new offer even more attractive, every new player receives a welcome bonus to get him or her started.

“Playing games and competing are part of human nature and are characteristics that people of all cultures, from all over the world share,” explained Christian Schulte, co-founder of BLUE LION mobile. “There are currently over 1.8 million users on qeep who can take part in our new skill gaming feature and play to win money instantly on their mobile phone. Already over 700,000 games are being played on qeep every month, and we are optimistic that our new skill gaming feature will attract even more mobile gaming fans.”

About qeep Qeep is produced and distributed by BLUE LION mobile GmbH, a privately held company founded in 2006 by former executives of T-Mobile International and Nintendo. Based in Cologne, Germany, BLUE LION mobile GmbH is a pioneer in the field of interactive mobile applications. For more information about qeep and BLUE LION mobile, visit and . To download qeep on your mobile please visit

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