25 April 2022

3 Reasons Why a Digital Assistant Makes Sense for Your Business

Submitted by Oliver Nagaya
3 Reasons Why a Digital Assistant Makes Sense for Your Business

Nowadays most people lead pretty busy lives. Especially business owners and healthcare practitioners in private practice. They do not always have the time to use the phone or computer to get things done. How much happier would you be, and how much more efficient would your business run. If there was an intelligent digital assistant that you could rely on to handle the mundane administrative tasks that waste so much time. The answer is very much.

If you have ever yelled the wrong name at your phone or smart speaker (Alexa!, Siri, Cortana! it gets so confusing…), then you know how quickly a digital assistant can become an indispensable part of daily life. From answering random questions to making lists, placing orders etc. These assistants make themselves useful in so many small and impactful ways. Now imagine having that kind of assistance in your business.

The use of digital assistants has become a natural extension of the way we do things. Over the last few years, the use of digital assistants has grown in leaps and bounds. And the simple reason for this is they simplify daily life. This is the reason that they make sense for your business.

At Kitrin we understand that the need for digital assistants in the workplace is growing. If you’re the type of healthcare practitioner or small business owner that wants a solution where you know what needs to be done. You’ve explained what you want and then you just want it to get done. We now have a solution that we feel very proud of. Her name is MIKA – a digital assistant for your private practice and small business. Think of her like your very own Siri or Alexa for your private practice…

1 Digital Assistant will improve productivity.

Being busy and being productive are two very different things. Unfortunately, as a business owner or an employee, you are often simply busy. Spending the majority of your time looking for information, navigating a maze of complicated systems. Or working through time-consuming, multi-step processes to complete high-volume, low-value tasks. An intelligent digital assistant can simplify that administrative busy work. And give employees or yourself more time to focus on the meaningful work that’s rewarding for them and valuable for the company.

2 Digital Assistant will reduce costs

One of the most basic concepts is business is to practice cost control. How do you eliminate unnecessary spending. An integrated digital assistant means that you do not need to have multiple systems to run your business. Thus you save on monthly subscriptions or rental costs. Effective use of a digital assistant will also mean that rather than hiring two or more people to do the admin in the business. You can hire one efficient person. This saves on the cost of salaries.

3 Digital Assistants streamline workflows

There is nothing more destructive to productivity than fragmented processes. Especially when they are filled with tonnes of unnecessary steps. Onboarding is a perfect example because it’s historically a process that’s more focused on systems rather than people. The list of onboarding tasks is long and fragmented, with instructions and information coming from all across the organisation. There’s no single source of truth for information. No easy way to ask questions and no mechanism for quickly resolving simple tasks.
Meet Mika.

The Kitrin team has created a digital assistant that is designed to assist with the administrative functions of your business. MIKA was created through our experience of running businesses and managing private healthcare practices.

MIKA our digital assistant offers the below key benefits to streamline your business.

  • Telephone Answering
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Reminders for clients via SMS and Email
  • Data capturing of client intake forms.
  • Invoice Generation and Sending of Invoices to Clients
  • Submission of Medical Aid Claims
  • Allocation of Payments
  • Allocation of Medical Aid Remittances
  • Following up on each medical aid claim with each medical aid. Until a response is received on the status of the outstanding medical aid claim
  • Ability to send adhoc emails and SMSs to each client
  • Dashboards on all key information for your private practice or small business
  • Proactive management of all unpaid accounts, based on defined processes which you configure.


A digital assistant for your business frees up time to concentrate on the things needed to grow the business. And rather than being bogged down with administrative tasks as a business owner, you can spend time on marketing, prospecting etc, to grow your business. Digital assistants will allow you to focus on the reasons that you are in business instead of the hours of admin work.

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