Monday, 11 May 2009

Private Seminars

{pp}Excel SuperUsers, owners of the exclusive Excel SuperUser series of seminars, are proud to announce the option of having our world-class seminars presented on-site on the client’s premises.

If the client has facilities to host the seminar, this can lead to a tremendous cost saving, making the seminar even greater value. To qualify for hosting the seminar on-site, at least 10 delegates need to be nominated.

Our Excel SuperUser Seminars are hosted outside of working hours ensuring no interruption of work and no mass absence of delegates. As always, the seminars are positioned above any advanced training courses and above other training courses claiming to reveal so-called Excel ‘secrets’. Our seminars are aimed at experienced Excel users for whom further skills development was previously deemed unavailable.  Please visit to see what we offer the professional and serious spreadsheet user.

About Excel SuperUsers In 2005 a group of Excel professionals formed Excel SuperUsers. This was in reply to an amazing and almost universal need for sophisticated Excel guidance and samples. With a combined Excel experience of more than thirty years, Excel SuperUsers is in an excellent position to share a vast know-how by means of these SuperUser seminars.

Contact information:
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