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Wednesday, 29 April 2009 10:56

SI Group Expands – new subsidiary formed

{pp}The Systems Integration (SI) Group, one of South Africa’s longest established Information Technology (IT) sector organisations, has announced a revised corporate structure in a move to align its business structure more closely with strategic market segments.

High-end IT products distributor Channel Data and power specialist Powermode will be joined by Demand Data, a newcomer to the Group formed to address opportunities within the burgeoning data storage, archiving and retrieval market.

Headed by MD Jack Ward – who is also chairman of the SI Group – Demand Data will provide consulting, management and systems integration services to a wide range of corporate clients. Key product offerings from the company will include the EMC and Fusion-IO ranges of data backup and storage solutions as well as the Juniper Networks portfolio of networking products. Ward says the new structure will allow the SI Group to focus more specifically on selected markets, many of which it has targeted successfully over the past 20 years. “Our objective is to create a more efficient structure, to further improve our positioning and to enhance competitiveness,” he says. “We believe the move will improve our responsiveness to customers and resellers while preparing our organisation for growth in the future,” he says. “The new structure will enable us to align our business even more with the evolving needs of the marketplace and at the same time to exploit the potential for technical support and other synergies within the Group.” Ward says each subsidiary will focus on its core strengths, and share best practices to the overall benefit of the Group. “We are creating an important foundation for improving revenues and enhancing profitability in the future.” He adds that Demand Data is also the platform for the launch of a raft of new offerings into the market from principals, Fusion-io and other industry leaders who have recognised the depth of technical expertise within the group and are keen to optimise it within their user communities.

About Dmand Data:
Demand Data is a subsidiary of the SI Group. It provides consulting, management and systems integration services to corporate clients, addressing opportunities within the burgeoning data storage, archiving and retrieval markets. Key product offerings include the Fusion-io range of data backup and storage solutions.

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