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The Benefits of Using the Cloud for Personal Use

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The Benefits of Using the Cloud for Personal Use

While Cloud technology can reduce business risks, it is also important for individual users to understand how this type of technology can benefit them personally.

Let’s begin by explaining exactly what the Cloud is. Cloud computing allows digital resources such as applications, networking, and storage to be used, saved, and shared online in the Cloud. This will enable you to access your information across multiple devices from anywhere and anytime – as long as you have access to the internet.

Cloud computing comes in two forms: public and private. A public Cloud is managed by a third party and is shared with other businesses using the internet. Anyone can freely access or purchase the resources or services stored in this Cloud. These include software services such as the email and calendar tools on Google and Microsoft and countless other smartphone and computer applications. Creating a private Cloud allows a single customer access to the many benefits that Cloud computing provides.

Examples of Cloud Computing Used in Everyday Life


What are the Cloud Computing Benefits for Individual users?

The primary benefit of Cloud computing is that it enables us to use software programmes and applications without storing them on our computers. Other benefits include:

Pay Only for What you use: The personal Cloud computing space provides Software as a Service (SaaS) which allows you to purchase and pay for only the software application/s you need. It eliminates having to purchase, for example, the entire MS Suite if you only need to use Outlook and Word.

Synchronised Storage Services: This is another helpful tool that allows you to store, access, upload and download your data remotely and from any device. This is particularly handy if your laptop or cell phone is stolen or damaged because it means that you can always recover your data.

Secure Data Storage: Did you know that there are software applications that will memorise and store your passwords to synchronise data throughout the Cloud? Furthermore, third-party Cloud providers rely on strong cryptography, ensuring that nobody other than yourself will have access to the passwords.

Secure Backup Solutions: Previously, you needed to make backups of your data in case of crashes, viruses, or other incidents beyond your control. The Cloud eliminates the need for manual backups and the time you spend creating them.

Increased Speed: Your laptop or desktop reaction time will improve drastically due to your data and software applications, or programmes being stored in and accessed from the Cloud.

Access Data from Anywhere: The beauty of using Cloud services is that whether you are a student, individual or have your own small business, you can work from anywhere – as long as you have an internet connection.

The above benefits of Cloud computing are but a few. Cloud computing is already having a significant impact on our daily lives in the way we navigate our shopping experiences, healthcare and financial services, education, as well as the social impact it has on online gaming and streaming videos and music.

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