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Embracing innovation through access control systems

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Embracing innovation through access control systems

For improved employee tracking and safeguarding critical equipment, having an access control system is a must. These systems are typically electronic and use identity cards or facial recognition to provide authorised access into controlled spaces. Modern-day access control systems can accurately track important data regarding who had entered and exited the space, when they did so and where.

As the first time and attendance company in South Africa, Simplex Time recorders has become a leader in time and attendance and access control systems. We strive to provide the industry’s leading innovations to bring your space the best devices and software. Our access control systems provide practical security solutions for regulating specific environments.

Combining innovation and reliability

From the day we opened our doors, Simplex Time Recorders has led the industry by embracing innovative developments and more efficient technologies. By eliminating the manual error associated with these tasks, we can help our clients manage accurate data for improved decision-making, conduct better payroll calculations, and track staff movements more efficiently. This also helps eliminate the risk of time fraud amongst employees.

The Simplex difference

At Simplex Time Recorders, we offer dependable products to assist our clients in tracking staff movements. Our most popular solutions include:

  • Biometric access control
  • Biometric clocking systems
  • Fingerprint access control
  • Mechanical time recorders
  • Clocking systems
  • Desktop software
  • Web-based software

From mechanical solutions to advanced biometric systems, we can offer your business the devices and software that best suits your needs. Our time and attendance and access control systems can be customised to your specific needs.

To ensure the lasting quality of our systems, we send our experienced team to your premises to conduct the installation of your system. Once installed, we can also assist with routine servicing to ensure that your systems maintain their efficacy.

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