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Fibre Internet: Get connected fast with Yutiliti

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Fibre Internet: Get connected fast with Yutiliti

Fibre internet connections make use of fibre-optic cables to enable the sharing of data at previously unreachable speeds. Unlike traditional copper cabling, found in ADSL internet connections, fibre-optic cables encase pulses of light instead of electricity for its data transmission, making fibre internet faster and more dependable. Fibre internet is suitable for use in business settings and has gained popularity with its availability to private residences.

As a division of Lightstruck, one of the most trusted fibre installation companies in South Africa, Yutiliti embraces their vision to develop and operate high-end fibre connections for communities across the country. Our vision and ongoing project is to distribute fast and reliable fibre internet to local communities who have signalled their interest in these connections.

Why choose Yutiliti?

Yutiliti ensures the quality of your fibre internet connection from start to finish. Our partnership with Lightstruck ensures timely and professionally done fibre installations for your area. Thereafter we function as your internet service provider (ISP) to get you connected with your desired package.

Get connected with Yutiliti

Yutiliti and our fibre installation partner, Lightstruck, ensure the careful selection of their contractors to guarantee accountability throughout the process. Our contractors are chosen for their unique expertise in laying fibre cables and their ability to do so quickly without compromising the project's overall quality. This allows us to ensure our clients of on-time connections with little to no inconvenience to the area's residents.

Once installed, our expert team can assist you in getting connected – fast! Once the team at Lightstruck has installed fibre-optic cables in your area, Yutiliti will conclude the administration for your connection in just ten minutes. After this is completed, you can expect to be contacted within 48 hours by one of our reliable installers to have you connected as soon as possible.

By eliminating the frustrating and time-consuming aspects of the administration process, we can speed up the connection process for users to experience a lightening fast fibre connection.

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