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Getting fibre coverage in your area with Lightstruck

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Getting fibre coverage in your area with Lightstruck

Fibre optic internet is an incredible advancement for modern technology and communication. This form of internet brings several advantages to your home and business. The durability and flexibility of fibre optic cables make them ideal for transferring large amounts of information with little signal loss, allowing you to efficiently access the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fibre is distinguished from traditional ADSL internet solutions by its increased speed and improved reliability. Unlike the copper cables used for ADSL connections, fibre internet’s fibre optic cables allow the signal to remain strong over long distances.

As one of South Africa’s top fibre providers, Lightstruck strives to develop and install this next-generation technology in communities across the country to allow these advantages to be easily accessed by homes and businesses.

Lightstruck – Connecting Smart Communities

Established in 2016, Lightstruck is focused on developing the last mile of fibre networks across the nation. With a dedicated and experienced team, we combine 10 years of experience in successful fibre optic deployment.

Lightstruck is proud to be in association with Eaglestone, a player in leading international infrastructure. Eaglestone is committed to developmental growth in South Africa, with over 100 years of experience in successful infrastructure transactions. Visit our website to see our fibre coverage map. This map indicates where fibre has been rolled out and which communities still benefit from this exciting advancement in fibre optic internet.

Getting fibre in your area

As fibre internet grows in South Africa, many homes and businesses without it may feel it is time to catch up with technology and revel in the benefits it brings. With fibre internet, you can look forward to faster browsing speeds, uninterrupted connectivity, reduced latency, enhanced security and improved download speeds. If your community is still awaiting the installation of fibre connectivity, you are invited to register your interest with the Lightstruck team.

Our goal is to expand fibre across the country. When we are notified of significant interest in your community, we can begin launching fibre optic internet installation. Once installed, you can get connected easily through one of our partner ISP’s and begin enjoying world-class connectivity. Several fibre optic packages are available to suit your needs and budget, and installation is quick and easy.

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