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Monday, 05 January 2009 11:33

How to save your company money the easy way

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{pp}How to save your company money in these tough economic times.

2008 came and went. Some did well, some did ok, while others really felt the pinch of the global economic meltdown. Some even went belly-up.

2009 is looking like a better year for many but especially in South Africa. The key difference between us and other major economies is that we are PRODUCTION driven, not PAPER driven. We have goods and services which are far superior, spanning most industries. This is probably why we have not been hit as hard with the economic challenges.
However, we still need to look for ways to save money and add that little bit extra to our bottom line. This applies to individuals, small businesses and corporates.

We at Velisa Agencies want to show you how ALL of our products can SAVE you money AND contribute to a greener environment.

What we offer:

  • 1) Diskeeper: The world's best disk defragmenter for servers and workstations. It will keep all your Windows-based systems running at their peak, better than new. It will save you electricity and we have the studies to back this up. This is achieved by the world-first InvisiTasking technology. Diskeeper also has an Administrator console so that central installation and management are made easy. The product will increase system speed, reliability, productivity and extend the life of your hardware by up to 2 years. This is a direct saving as upgrade frequency is reduced. Free 30-day trialware is available on our website.
  • 2) Undelete: The ultimate in data recovery and protection which also includes the InvisiTasking technology which reduces the demand on your CPU. Ask any computer administrator what it is like to lose data... you will be told that stored data is a vital key to keeping your business running. What is your data worth to you? Free 30-day trialware is available on our website.
  • 3) Fuel Additive: We have a world-first fuel additive which will vastly improve your fuel consumption AND reduce emissions to virtually nothing. One test showed that fuel consumption was improved from 12km/l to 16.78km/l in a Ford Fiesta. It is SABS approved and carries a R5million engine cover per application. Nobody in the world offers this peace of mind. All that is required is 2ml per litre of fuel. We also have applicators to automatically introduce the additive to your fuel so you will not have to worry about adding it yourself. Info pack available on our website
  • 4) Hydrogen fuel cells: We manufacture hydrogen-on-demand kits. By using water and applying electrolysis, hydrogen is made which you then feed into your air intake. This makes fuel more combustible, reduces emissions and saves you fuel. This works well on older vehicles without electronic sensors. Our system is the only one in the world which carries a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12month operational warrantee. Info pack available on our website
  • 5) Velisa Lift: This is a scissor jack lift which is built onto a trailer. The trailer can be towed by a regular Code 8 licence and can replace many applications where scaffolding is needed. The mechanism is hydraulically operated, powered by a battery and therefore has NO emissions. Save yourself headaches of setting up and moving scaffolding. Ideal for the petroleum, warehousing and advertising industries.

Visit our website now at to find out more about how we can give you that cutting edge in business AND reduce your carbon footprint!

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