20 July 2021

Westech Improves Its Client Service With BEE Compliance

Submitted by Lisl Whytock
Westech Improves Its Client Service With BEE Compliance

Westech has supported the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment transformation of South Africa’s economy since 2012. Its journey, like most companies, has been an educational one and continues as it progresses in building a company that is an asset to South Africa while embracing a philosophy of growth, education and expansion in the ICT space.

Roy Westfehling, CEO of Westech, believes that there is not only a need to upskill and empower all South Africans but that there should be an excessive emphasis on improving service levels across all sectors of the economy. Westfehling says, “It’s no simple task. However, if we can all make improvements from within our individual organisations as well as expand and maintain a high level of service delivery, it could have a significant impact on service levels in general.”

Since its inception, Westech has always been a service-driven company. Improved service levels combined with B-BBEE are a winning formula for the company – not only from a growth perspective but also from a client retention, sustainability and investor standpoint.

Westech has achieved its Level 2 B-BBEE compliance (view this here), which enables it to compete at a higher level in providing services and products that compete on international levels. “Being a Microsoft Partner in the Cloud Space, as well as being aligned with major hardware brands like Dell and HP certainly gives us a competitive advantage,” says Westfehling.

He also believes that technically upskilling previously disadvantaged people is not only a powerful way to improve diversity but also provides employees with a pathway to positions in higher-paying jobs. Westech is invested in transforming the career of their employees through regular training, which benefits not only their staff but also their clients.

The company’s knowledgeable technical team offers professional advice, technical assistance with complex projects and excellent after-sales service. Westech’s clients are assured of the services of an expert IT company that provides lifetime value and actively reduces downtime, thereby saving them money.

Westech has provided a comprehensive range of reliable IT support and managed services to companies across South Africa since 1994. Clients have the choice of either on-site or off-site outsourced IT support contracts to suit their specific requirements.

Some of the IT services provided by Westech include;

The company understands that, as a business grows, so too does its IT and connectivity needs. Westech is committed to providing scalable IT support solutions that make IT more straightforward for companies to incorporate into their service offerings.

To understand how your business can save money by implementing the right technology, contact Westech.

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