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Wednesday, 12 November 2008 11:32

PIC Solutions launches Innovative Contact Optimisation Service

{pp}PIC Solutions, the leading specialist credit risk solutions company in the EMEA region, has developed an innovative new service that substantially improves the success rate of credit providers’ interactions with customers.

PIC Solutions’ renowned Predictive Modelling division has developed the Contact Optimisation Service, which is proven to dramatically improve right party connect rates and thereby enhance the performance of customer contact centres.

The Contact Optimisation Service works by analysing and scoring historical predictive dialler data in order to predict at which period of the day a telephone call to a customer is most likely to be successful. These scores are then used to optimise the queues in the predictive dialler to ensure that the contact centre is contacting customers at the most appropriate time of day - the time at which the individual account holder is most likely to be reached. By using the Contact Optimisation Service organisations are able to improve the management of their customer interactions, thereby improving the performance of the collections process and at the same time increasing customer satisfaction. Whilst the Contact Optimisation Service has broad potential application across the credit lifecycle, from fraud through to marketing, the largest benefit is gained in the collections process, where operational efficiency is increased through reductions in agent times and costs.

Furthermore, the improvement in right party connect rates results in a measurable increase in the number of promises to pay. Through this automated prioritisation of the dialler collections queues, organisations are also able to bring forward collections actions and further reduce bad debt. Simon Trupp, Director at PIC Solutions, states, “The Contact Optimisation Service has delivered impressive results to date and therefore we look forward to working with many organisations to deliver similar valuable improvements with this exciting new service.

With the increased focus within the industry on reducing operational costs and boosting efficiencies, this service will provide a valuable tool to all credit providers.”

Contact Information:
PIC Solutions - Cape Town
P.O. Box 2455
Cape Town 8000, South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)21 680 6000
Fax: +27 (0)21 680 6003
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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