Friday, 27 November 2020

Buzzworx Crowdfund Release

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Buzzworx...Multimedia For Everyone

I am proud to announce the last phase of my app development for my new company, Buzzworx.

This has been a hard and financially draining effort but I am almost there. My exclusive app is destined to revolutionise communication within residential golf estates and I am hoping that you, the donors, will be just as excited as I am to see it in operation.

I thank all of you that are going to donate to my business development in advance. Without your support, I can not reach my dream goal of launching this project.

Buzzworx Pty Ltd

Buzzworx is a multimedia company that has developed an app exclusive for residential and golf estates. We will adapt the app next year to include a business platform. Buzzworx is a combination of 9 years of business, music and IT experience amongst its shareholders. We look forward to being the leaders in this type of communication in the near future.