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Tuesday, 28 October 2008 11:40

PIC Solutions Launches Enhanced CollectSmart 4.0

{pp}PIC Solutions, the leading specialist credit risk solutions company in the EMEA region, has launched the latest version of its renowned collections system, CollectSmart.

CollectSmart, formerly known as PCS, is a powerful, modular, enterprise-wide collections solution that combines industry best practices and leading edge functionality into a single comprehensive collections system with an intuitive collector interface. Blue-chip organisations already taking advantage of the CollectSmart solution include Nedbank, RCS Personal Finance and CMS group. Building on CollectSmart’s established track record and user base, the latest release has been enhanced to provide increased functional flexibility. This flexibility in turn delivers greater operational control to organisations by enabling companies to effectively manage the assignment of collection queues and teams.

Furthermore, the improved strategy management capability of CollectSmart version 4.0 enables the quick revision of collections strategies in order to speedily respond to variable market conditions. This new release also incorporates an additional level of segmentation to facilitate reporting on multiple credit books within one organisation. CollectSmart users are now also empowered by the enhanced extensibility of the system through such new features as the ability to view custom data loaded from internal or external sources.

CollectSmart enables organisations to automatically segment accounts and apply appropriate strategies, with champion/challenger testing, and assign specific collector actions. In addition, users are able to manage appropriate customer interactions through the use of collections scripts. Johan van Zyl, Practice Lead of PIC Solutions, states, “CollectSmart has a proven track record of improving recoveries whilst reducing collections costs. Improvements to the flexibility, extensibility and management of the CollectSmart solution deliver faster return on investment for implementations. In addition, PIC Solutions continues to develop and evolve CollectSmart to meet client requirements and keep abreast of technology developments so that it remains a key tool at the forefront of the credit industry.”

About Us PIC Solutions is the leading specialist credit risk solutions company in the EMEA region. With offices in Cape Town, Dubai, Johannesburg, Manama and Nairobi, we deliver integrated analytics, consulting and software solutions to over 150 companies in 30+ countries. We work worldwide with organisations to improve performance, drive strategies and enhance profitability.

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