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Top Five Healthcare Industry Storage Challenges and the solutions from LSE

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LSE’s storage solutions offer optimised storage space while adhering to health and safety precautions.

The modern healthcare industry is developing at a faster pace than ever and requires innovative storage solutions. This is not only necessary in response to the Covid-19 pandemic but is relevant across every touchpoint in the healthcare sector. Good deliverability of health products and services place extra importance on storage solutions and handling systems that offer the highest levels safety and operational performance. Logistics Systems Engineering (LSE) delivers leading storage solutions to sub-Saharan Africa, answering many of the new challenges, which are often reliant on technology and demand fast adaption to environment changes.

 “From archiving of patient records and X-rays to the preservation of medicines, textiles and instruments, the storage requirements of healthcare facilities are vast and varied,” explains Fred Albrecht, CEO of Logistics Systems Engineering. “Diverse client needs ranging from as small as a needle to as big as mass medical bulk storage systems, results in demand for custom-made solutions”.

The industry’s five main storage aspects and challenges, he says, include stringent requirements for sterile environments; security and safety; optimising space utilisation; accommodating a wide range of products; and meeting temperature regulation requirements. “Although these seem vastly removed from one another, LSE helps health facilities meet all of these requirements with a complete range of racking, shelving and automated storage solutions from leading global manufacturer Gonvarri Material Handling.

1 Sterile environment

Preventing bacterial contamination is a key requirement of the healthcare industry. This requirement is ongoing in many industries that may influence one’s health, such as cosmetics and food and beverage. To meet this requirement LSE uses a special antimicrobial powder coating that can be applied to fixed and mobile shelving systems. This reduces the risk of contamination from bacteria such as E-coli, MRSA and Listeria.

2 Security & Safety

There is no room for error in the pharmaceutical industry, as the consequences can be fatal. Developing, manufacturing, distributing and selling pharmaceutical products requires storage machines that achieve amongst other major benefits, a high level of security. LSE’s highly customisable storage machines, such as the latest range of Ultra-High Density Vertical Lift Modules (VLM’s), meet these requirements, securing products with automated storage within a single unit. This allows for the reduction of picking errors by up to 60% and creates additional storage room within often-limited premium space. 

3 Save Space

A storage solution that optimises every square metre is essential to the healthcare industry, as excess space can be used for patient care or life-saving equipment. Small items may be better organised using customised automated storage machines (including Automated Vertical Modules and Vertical & Horizontal Carousel Machines) or mobile bulk shelving systems. Larger items are better stored on mobile pallet racking or a pull-out unit. If access to the bulk stored item is required by LIFO / FIFO principle, a Pallet Shuttle System may be the ideal solution.

LSE is mindful that storage capacity can be optimised horizontally and vertically, providing a wide range of solutions for numerous requirements.

1 Storing a wide range of products

The healthcare industry stocks a large variety of products, demanding storage systems to be intelligently designed, customised, flexible and agile. LSE helps make the storage of these products easy with a combination of modular and adaptable technologies, using highly skilled engineering and design expertise. LSE engineers take into account a number of important decisions when dealing with products that require specialised storage conditions, recognising that if these products are not stored correctly, based on strict regulations, they can become a hazard.

2 Temperature requirements

Storing healthcare products often requires specifically maintained environmental temperatures and refrigeration in order to preserve product quality and integrity. The best storage solution for this requirement is cold and frozen goods storage that focuses on reducing the space needed to accommodate the same number of products.

LSE considers the client’s overall storage requirements and continuously aims to reach an equilibrium between industry safety requirements while accommodating client space and energy costs. When storing large items that need individualised full access, Mobile Pallet Racking is utilised, as this solution operates at temperatures as low as -40°C and increases storage capacity by 90%. Another solution for palletised goods, especially when using the FIFO / LIFO principle, is the Pallet Shuttle System which provides high-density storage, while reducing operating costs. This solution is the most efficient bulk storage solutions on the market. Smaller, high value items, such as prosthesis and drugs, can use a VLM which is refrigerated, or temperature controlled.

Logistics Systems Engineering is a leading storage solutions partner, expertly advising customers by identifying the right solution for any and every healthcare storage requirement.

Logistics Systems Engineering is the exclusive distributor of Gonvarri Material Handling in sub-Saharan Africa.

For more information about Logistics Systems Engineering, visit undefined, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0861 61 61 61.

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