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Wednesday, 11 March 2020 02:47

Dr Tsitso Koneshe

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 'Tsitso Koneshe' was found not guilty after he transferred company funds to his partner Motebang Koneshe who happened to dissapear.

Tsitso Koneshe (29) founded the company named Thermo Trading Academy since 2015 in Johannesburg and opened another branch in lady ladybrand SA near maseru bridge.

Tsitso Koneshe maintains the doctorates qualification in Algorithms ( problem solving systematically and mathematically) only few in south Africa who have done the course, he ventured into trading platforms and software maintenance with several companies independently.

Motebang had also used company funds to establish his unregistered scheme where he conned Thermo clients R50 000.00 each and the scheme is estimated to have collected over 5.7Million, after the incident of back to back meetings with hawks involved in Bethlehem, Tsitso had transferred company funds to him and the purpose of the funds to be traded from the period of September 2018 as to start paying clients from January 2019, but to a greatest surprise he had dissapeared and no where to be found.

The matter is still under an investigation though


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