Thursday, 21 November 2019

Staying charged on the move.

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Stay connected by ensuring your devices are always charged.

Don’t you just hate when you’re out and about and suddenly your battery drops below 20%? That red remnant of a bar glaring at you angrily. A simple solution would be to purchase a power bank to ensure you can charge your device on the go. Here are a few things you should take into consideration before you make that purchase.

  • Portability

Consider the size of the power bank you’re purchasing. Neglecting to check the size and weight of your potential power bank can result in it being more of a hindrance than a help. A big, heavy portable charger will leave you unwilling to carry it around with you, defeating the purpose of having a portable charger altogether. If you’re looking to purchase a power bank that’s easily transported in your handbag or pocket, it’s recommended that you go for a light, compact power bank

  • Battery Capacity

A key factor to consider would be battery capacity. The battery capacity you require is dependent on the frequency and length of usage. It’s worthwhile to mention that 100% of the battery capacity is not usable. If you have a power bank with a capacity of 10000mAh you wold expect to charge your 2000mAh device 5 times, but that is not true. A rule of thumb is to assume the capacity of your power bank is ⅔ of the stated capacity. You can choose a power bank with a lower capacity if you want to use it once daily to recharge your device. A higher capacity power bank would be needed if you want to go out for a few days.

  • USB Ports

Having multiple USB ports allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time. This way you can share your power bank with those around you. 

  • Power Output & Input

It’s always a good thing to know how fast your device is capable of charging and then purchasing a power bank that compliments it. So if you have a device that accepts fast charging(meaning it has a higher input power), purchasing a power bank that outputs a fast charging current would be convenient. The same applies to the input charging capabilities of your power bank. If you have a power bank with a higher input charge this means your power bank would be fast charging too. There are also power banks that support dual output, providing charging speeds for suitable for all devices. These power banks simultaneously support faster recharging.

  • Ensured Protection

There have been damages and accidents caused by using fake power banks, or those of low-quality. This is why it is important to confirm that the power bank you’re choosing to purchase has the necessary, basic certifications such as FCC, CE, 7 RoHS. It should be able to protect itself from overcharging, over-voltage, over-current, over-discharge and short-circuits.