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Friday, 27 September 2019 15:34

Young Entrepreneur Launches SA's First "Thrifting" E-commerce Marketplace

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Young Entrepreneur Launches SA's First "Thrifting" E-commerce Marketplace

Johannesburg, South Africa, Release: 30 September 2019. For Immediate Release.

Curated Fashion (Pty) Ltd has launched a new e-commerce website ( centered specifically on thrifting! 

"This business venture has been one that I have been working on for over a year, so to launch it now feels absolutely amazing!"Founder, Lolo Ntshiqa

Thrifting has become a term used when individuals shop for previously owned clothing, books or furniture. It has been an activity made popular by hipsters and those who love vintage wear. However nowadays, it is becoming less of a taboo to buy and wear secondhand clothing. This trend has been supported by online retailers such as Grailed, Poshmark, and Depop; as well as celebrities like Olivia Wilde whose secondhand clothing line seeks to reduce fashion waste.

Founder of Curated Fashion, Lolo Ntshiqa believes thrifting in South Africa is not a fad, but a dynamic industry that has potential to flourish among young people. She adds, "Wearing secondhand clothing used to be a dirty and undesirable choice when I was growing up, however I see that society is becoming more liberal and open-minded concerning fashion and style, as well as what one considers socially acceptable. As a generation, I believe we are becoming less superficial about what we wear, and we would rather choose clothing that expresses the truth of who we are".

The e-commerce website ( is built as a marketplace, allowing the interaction between buyers and sellers. Anybody can open a free shop on the platform and sell clothing straight from their closets. The option for young people to sell their clothes in exchange for money, will allow them the opportunity to reset their wardrobes without having to overspend. Operated by a young South African woman, Curated Fashion seeks to disrupt the consumption of fashion in the country, and make various fashion trends more accessible and affordable for every and any young fashion lover, "Price or geographical location should not be a barrier for young people to dress and wear whatever they like. It feels even better when I am dressed by my own peers [laughs]".

Curated Fashion

Curated Fashion is an online thrifting marketplace, catering to fashion lovers and influencers. We seek to democratize fashion by making clothing more accessible and affordable to any body, anywhere!

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