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Tuesday, 17 September 2019 11:08

Chaos in product data? You need a PIM solution!

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Chaos in product data? You need a PIM solution!

TreoPIM - a PIM system of the next generation – allows to manage easily and quickly all product information, create efficient product descriptions, add photos, and is an optimal solution for brands, manufacturers, and online retailers. Convenient interface, a broad functionality, flexibility, automation, speed, usability and easy integration with other systems characterize this software. Thanks to a modern user interface, TreoPIM is user-friendly and intuitive to understand.

Thanks to the use of PIM software, it becomes possible to offer product information easily and conveniently in different languages via different channels. According to ROI study conducted by Heiler, manufacturers using a PIM offer their own products in more countries and in more languages (according to study 45 manufacturers, product information in 19 languages) than those who don’t use PIM (according to study 17 manufacturers, product information in 4 languages). Thus, a PIM solution is very useful in an international business orientation. 

TreoPIM has all typical features of a PIM system ( data collection and import, data enrichment, data standardization, data validation, data export and publishing, and high integration capacity with other systems. It has even a lot more to offer. This system is a good alternative to such PIM systems as Akeneo or Pimcore. TreoPIM is based on a solid basis of modern technologies. Characteristic is the incredible flexibility of the data model, which can be adapted to any user requirements and special features. TreoPIM is 100% open source, modularly constructed and extensible. 

TreoPIM offers its users also several benefits to reduce costs and increase sales, namely:

  • Faster product launch through all distribution channels and short time-to-market. The ROI study conducted by Heiler proved, that time taken to launch each product was reduced by 30% for retailers and by 75% for online shops thanks to the implementation of a PIM system.
  • Greater customer loyalty thanks to unified and qualitative product information across all channels. According to the Aberdeen study, customer loyalty with PIM is about 10% higher for retailers and manufacturers using a PIM than for those, who don’t have a PIM.
  • Higher margins and conversion rates in omnichannel commerce.
  • Increase in sales through flexible cross-selling, up-selling and other types of product associations.
  • Fast and efficient work processes and better productivity in handling product data. A PIM solution optimizes and makes more efficient the work of marketing managers, technical specialists, copywriters, product managers, commerce managers and SEO specialists.
  • Running costs are lower than for other PIM solutions, no license costs and no restrictions.
  • Cost savings through cooperation within the system and self-service functionality for suppliers and customers.
  • Time saving through the automatic and manual unification of different data formats and sources.
  • TreoPIM can easily be integrated into your system landscape for fully automated data exchange thanks to a REST API and import and export feeds. 

TreoPIM  is an effective and free PIM software, that will help you to automate work with and on product information. To see all advantages of TreoPIM, have a look at the demo (, conveniently, without obligation to register. You can also arrange a free presentation with the manufacturer. 

If you want, the manufacturer will completely take over the consultation, configuration and implementation of TreoPIM in your company. It will be suggested and then implemented the possible solutions for all your problems and tasks. TreoPIM providers offer also subsequent support.

TreoLabs GmbH

TreoLabs GmbH is a German e-commerce agency that deals with the support of online-shops, and in addition with development and implementation of various software such as PIM and CRM systems.

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