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Monday, 18 August 2008 10:31

Cracking the Digital Code, phase two

{pp}A 1½-day conference on online marketing. In response to public demand, Tony Koenderman’s series of workshops about online marketing, called “Cracking the Digital Code”, has been restructured into a single 1½-day conference. The programme is unchanged, but now will take place on September 18-19, finishing at lunch time on the second day.
“Many potential delegates said they could not commit to three days on three successive weeks, but would be able to set aside time if it was condensed into a single package,” says Koenderman. “This was even more important to people from coastal centres like Cape Town or Durban, who were faced with paying for three air fares instead of one.”
The event is planned as a practical, hands-on discussion of how to conduct your marketing using new media – Internet, cellphone and other digital media. An impressive line-up of speakers will set out to explain the what, the why and the how-to of online marketing. “We propose to present some cutting-edge ideas and practical advice. Our intention is that you should leave this programme with a list of things you can put into practice immediately.”

Under the microscope will be

-how to use social media to your advantage;

-how to handle the opportunities and pitfalls of mobile phone marketing;

-what to do about display advertising on the web;

-search engine optimisation;

-building your brand digitally; and

-why digital media matter to South Africa..


Google country manager Stafford Masie: The digital future is now;

Longtail managing director Ingrid Rubin: How’s your online cred?

Vodacom portfolio manager for social media, Vincent Maher: Talk, talk, talk: Why social media have taken off;

Mobilitrix ceo Chris Rolfe: Mobile – the hot new channel; ceo Russell Hanly: How to advertise on the Web;

e-Marketing consultant Japie Swanepoel: Make digital part of your strategy;

Quirk eMarketing ceo Rob Stokes: The magic of search engine marketing; and

World Wide Worx managing director Arthur Goldstuck: Why you can’t ignore the digital environment.

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