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Wednesday, 06 August 2008 11:25

Velisa Agencies cc Expands due to demand for Diskeeper

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{pp}Velisa Agencies cc is fast becoming a name synonymous with outstanding customer service and simple solutions to making the planet greener. The start to August 2008 reinforced this and brought with it two additional staff members.
We welcome Robyn Steyn and Megan Smith to our Department of Marketing and Promotion. Robyn Steyn is the newly appointed Director of Promotion and Marketing and Megan Smith is the Public Awareness Representative. They have settled in well in their first 10 days and are hard at it.

As mentioned above, Velisa Agencies cc is dedicated to working towards a greener planet. Currently we specialise in Diskeeper, an automatic disk defragmentation tool which is world famous. Recently Diskeeper was called a “green” product. 

Now, this is not all we are working on. There are currently plans to work on a device to save fuel in your motor vehicle, doubling your mileage in most cases while reducing emissions. This product is expected to cost around R2800 – R3000 depending on import costs of parts. Not much can be said about this at this point but watch this space… coming soon! This is also intended to be a job creation initiative.

Ok, back to Diskeeper. So you may or may not have heard of defragmentation. To start with, fragmentation is the escalating condition of performance degradation caused by the way files are stored on NTFS systems. Files get broken into pieces called “fragments”. As more and more fragments develop, the time to assemble the fragments and read the file increases causing slow-downs, hanging, freezing up totally, memory issues, slow back-ups, slow virus scans or even total system failure.

The solution: Diskeeper! Diskeeper runs automatically, uses only idle resources and will boost your PC performance to a level better than when your PC was new! It will extend the life of your PC, make it run cooler and the increase in network speed and reliability is noticeable. What are people saying? 

Diskeeper has over 30million licences sold and is the ultimate defrag solution to big companies down to the home user. It is vital that fragmentation is dealt with routinely. Failure to defrag on a routine basis across your entire network creates problems. Diskeeper is the only cost effective solution. Diskeeper works in the background so it is completely invisible & unobtrusive but very efficient.

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