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Tuesday, 26 February 2019 10:57

Hytec enters partnership agreement with GS-Hydro

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 A 3D schematic of a typical GS-Hydro pipe installation layout design.                          Hytec South Africa’s distributorship increases its product and service                          capabilities while presenting new opportunities for distributing non-                         welded, leak-free piping systems.

Hytec South Africa, a Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group Company, and GS-Hydro, an Italy-based multinational non-welded pipe manufacturer, have entered into a non-exclusive partnership agreement. Effective 01 November 2018, the partnership endorses Hytec South Africa as a sub-Saharan Africa distributor for all GS-Hydro components and piping systems above 42 mm.

The distributorship increases Hytec South Africa’s product and service capabilities and presents new opportunities for distributing non-welded, leak-free piping systems. This is especially the case where projects include design and engineering, as GS-Piping Systems’ assemblies can be prefabricated to a high degree prior to installation, which speeds up the installation process and reduces overall costs.

Cost savings through the lifetime of the piping systems are gained because there is a lower total installed system cost, a shorter installation time, less flushing time and reduced need for maintenance and repairs. “These benefits lead to fewer production interruptions and much shorter downtime when interruptions do occur,” points out Hytec South Africa Engineering Manager Andre Lindeque. “The GS-Piping System’s flexibility facilitates fast and easy installation which translates to significantly lower installation costs when compared to a welded piping system.”

The superior technology used, which provides the high-quality, leak-free piping system, is approved by classification agencies. The environmentally friendly pipes provide consistent quality due to machined and prefabricated assemblies, are suitable for different materials and offer the highest level of cleanliness. “As there is no welding involved in manufacturing these pipes, there is no need for post-weld cleaning or costly weld inspections such as x-raying,” Lindeque explains.

All GS-Hydro products have a 12-month warranty, which Hytec South Africa upholds, and is also equipped to handle all maintenance and repairs.

 Hytec South Africa currently has GS Hydro Flaring and Bending Machines in use at its premises. The Flaring Machine provides 37° flaring with the capacity of flaring pipe sizes from 6 to 170 mm, and the bending machine has the capacity to bend pipes sizedfrom 16 x 2 mm (wall thickness) up to 60 x 6 mm (wall thickness.) Depending on the outside pipe diameter, the bend radius provided is either 2.5 or 3.0.

GS-Hydro is the world’s leading supplier of innovative, non-welded piping solutions for hydraulic and other low and high pressure applications with high demands on quality, reliability and cleanliness. GS-Hydro is the original provider of non-welded piping solutions and relies on more than 40 years of experience in the field.

The non-exclusivity part of the agreement with Hytec South Africa pertains to GS-Hydro’s other sub-Saharan Africa partner and distributor, Hägglunds Drives South Africa – which is also one of Hytec South Africa’s sister companies.

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