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Tuesday, 19 February 2019 11:37

Kwikspace sets the standard for growth in an economic flux

Written by 
Deon Fuhri, CEO of Kwikspace Modular Buildings

Kwikspace is the South African market leader in prefabricated and modular buildings. Following the realignment of the business over 8 months ago, Kwikspace has created a standardised product range to best reflect clients’ needs and to accommodate the financial needs of an economy in flux.

South Africa is facing an uncertain economic and political future. From 2014 to 2017, South Africa experienced a decline in economic and political conditions. With the slowdown of the economy – particularly in the mining and construction sectors – and the uncertainty about foreign investment, there has been a decline in in-ground investments in construction and a growing interest in prefabricated and modular buildings.

The lack of skilled labour in the construction sector, a lack of affordable housing, rising and unpredictable materials costs and the constant pressures to deliver on time and on budget means that prefabricated modular buildings are gaining traction. In line with this, Kwikspace streamlined its product offering to focus on standard products that are the most popular among clients. “This means that Kwikspace can produce even better quality products in less time”, says Kwikspace CEO Deon Fuhri.

The company’s performance over the last few months after this realignment has demonstrated the determination and ethos of the management team and the quality of the product, proving that Kwikspace is indeed the market leader in prefabricated and modular buildings. With a workforce of 297 people nationally, the streamlined product offering has resulted in increased productivity. Cape Town’s new Branch Manager, Mico Botha, has spearheaded the branch’s turnover and increased the output to new record highs. In support of Government’s Renewable Energy IPP Procurement Programme (REIPPP), Kwikspace has increased its supply of mobile units to the renewable energy industry, particularly in the Eastern and Northern Cape, helping projects to get up and running quicker. The Kwikspace main factory is scalable and can effortlessly increase the capacity to over 5 000 m² a week.

Kwikspace is the preferred supplier for the Department of Education and, in addition to supplying classrooms, ablutions and kitchens, is in discussions with Government to offer safe, fast solutions to the pit toilet crisis.

Kwikspace has over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing modular buildings and is renowned for its build quality. Kwikspace has the largest rental fleet in the country with   3 800 units. “Our rental units have stood the test of time – a testament to the quality of the product”, says Fuhri.

With the realignment to its core values and mission, Kwikspace has closed its Projects Division. Site builds will be sub-contracted to preferred contractors who have been through the company’s training processes. Kwikspace is committed to empowering small businesses and helping them grow through training and development.

 “With international rating agencies predicting significant growth potential for the country, we are all looking forward to improved economic growth, accelerated employment and the stabilisation of the fiscal position”, says Fuhri. The new Kwikspace structure allows the company to focus on its standard product offering and set the standard for growth, even in an economic flux.

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