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Thursday, 14 February 2019 05:06

How the Kerio Control discontinued ranges will affect your business

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Kerio has revealed that it is set to discontinue four Kerio Connect packages by 31 March 2019. To ensure that they remain secure and up to date, customers will need to source alternative solutions from April 2019.

Henk Oliver, MD of Ozone Information Technology Distribution suggests alternatives and upgrades that will help customers adapt.

The four discontinued solutions are: Kerio Control box series 1120 Kerio Control box series 3110 Kerio Control box series 3120 Kerio Control box series 3130 The primary impact on the user will be felt when it comes time to renew and maintain the older software.

Customers will need to upgrade to the new version of the replacement hardware. GFI is, however, offering an upgrade promotion to users who are still using the older hardware.

These solutions are set to be replaced by: Kerio Control NG 100W Kerio Control NG 300W Kerio Control NG 500 “The NG series hardware boxes have far better performance than the older series,” explains Olivier.

“GFI has also implemented a new licensing model for the NG boxes that allows customers to purchase a GFI Unlimited license with a Kerio Control box – this allows you to use all the software in the GFI software pool and enhances business performance significantly.”

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