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Thursday, 14 February 2019 05:01

RubiBlue decides that this Valentine’s Day is the last straw

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RubiBlue decides that this Valentine’s Day is the last straw

RubiBlue, intelligent business solutions provider, is spreading the love for the planet this Valentines’ Day. Instead of chocolates and flowers, this year the day dedicated to love will be dedicated to caring for the planet.

The company has undertaken the initiative to give employees and their families straws for life. “It takes 200 years to break down a plastic straw and then it becomes tiny, toxic pieces that continue to damage our planet,” says Chris Ogden, MD of RubiBlue.

“With this initiative, we are ambassadors for the environment and recognising the need to walk away from the misuse of plastic and unnecessary plastic products.” Every member of staff at RubiBlue received a straw for life for Valentine’s Day making this yet another initiative in line with the company’s brand and ethos.

According to The Be Straw Free Campaign, Americans use 500 million drinking straws every day and this can fill more than 125 school buses, every day.

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