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Thursday, 12 June 2008 16:26

How To Use Digital Diligently for Improved Client Satisfaction

Website layout and design isn’t rocket science…if you know how. It is intricate work though and requires the creativity and skills of a professional design studio. More importantly perhaps but often an oversight, is the assistance of a specialist online presence consultant to maintain the balance of both form and function - fundamental elements in effectively communicating the client’s message in an interactive and engaging manner.

Francois Botha, managing director of Quick Online, a group of digital presence consultants, says, “While creating expressive web interfaces and capturing the client’s image and business personality, it’s not always easy for graphic designers to find that niche between functionality and design. Digital presence consultants critically analyze the elements of the design blueprint, adding value to the service the design studio renders.”

As a specialist in the digital and online fields, Botha provides us with his top 5 tips for increasing client satisfaction digitally:

1. Analyze - In order to meet your client’s needs you need to completely understand what exactly it is that they want. So ask them to lay out all the cards, and so should you, so that you can decode the business objective and get the full picture. By knowing precisely what you are working towards it becomes easier for you to achieve the objective.

2. Identify Specialists - Appoint experts to specific key elements such as an Online Marketing Consultant to take care of the marketing side of the website.

3. Manage expectations - Be honest when giving feedback to your client, explain to them what is accomplishable, what will work and what will not work. For example if they’re headstrong about a flash site and you know that flash sites don’t feature easily in the search engines then let them know, thereby providing no false or empty promises.

4. Project Manage - Translate between client, technology and design. Draft clear project briefs and plans and keep everyone updated to the status of the various elements and stages.

5. Maintain the Relationship – Ongoing feedback and support to the client is vita. Appointing an account manager to your various clients that is able to drop them an email to see if anything is required in terms of new design, questions, follow-ups to the process and potential expansions makes a huge difference for a sustained business relationship.

“It’s no use simply creating an online brochure for clients anymore. Sure, it’s perfect for a quick fix in the interim but remember that a website needs to be constantly updated, be search engine optimised and provide tools for consumer interaction. In this way, clients will not only keep potential business on the site for longer but also secure repeat visits. Specialist consultants are here to assist you in making sure that client’s websites are functional, intelligible and attractive marketing tools,” concludes Botha.

Cape Town based quickOnline is a specialist digital marketing company that creates & manages online reputations by harnessing the power of the Internet. Its proprietary consultation model creates platforms to digitally connect, innovate, create, interact & grow through a process referred to as the quickening. In short, quickOnline makes online a simple yet deadly-effective weapon of choice in the marketing arsenal…affordably. Started in 2004, quickOnline is headed-up by Francois Botha who remains intimately involved in the client management process. Experience the quickening.

Contact Information:
T: +27 (0)21 422 1735
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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