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Thursday, 12 July 2018 09:25

South African Data Scientist’s Predict FIFA World Cup Final Winner

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After the semi-finals and ahead of the last two games of the FIFA World Cup, South African based data analytics company, Principa, has announced their data-driven predictions for the final match scores.

Principa’s football world cup score predictions are done using predictive analytics and machine learning methods. The predictions have been submitted on with the purpose of seeing how well different predictive analytics techniques used successfully in other areas, can outperform the best human-made predictions. The best-performing algorithm uses the Bayesian Inference method. The model has been automated to adopt a machine learning approach in that it reselects variable and parameters every time it is run, adapting to how the world cup is unfolding. Results of games from previous rounds inform predictions for the next round and the model is proving more accurate than 99.96% of other Superbru predictions at this, after the semi-finals.

Principa have made their predictions available on their website:

These predictions come after the model has been updated with the latest results from the knock-out rounds.

Principa have also created an overview of some of the more interesting insights discovered during the data preparations:

About Principa: Principa Decisions (Pty) Ltd. work wonders with data science to serve over 150 companies in 30 countries in Africa, Middle East and Europe.Principa’s data science solutions help customers answer questions about the past and present to anticipate future outcomes. Our data scientists, developers and consultants work together to develop data analytics products and solutions that derive answers, predictions and recommended actions from large and complex data. The data insights derived provide the information and knowledge from which to develop more effective strategies, increase efficiency and profitability and decrease cost and risk. 

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