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Wednesday, 11 July 2018 11:37

Tectra Automation and Hytec reduce motor manufacturer’s energy costs by 68%

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The Sytronix Variable Speed Pump Drive monitors the hydraulic pressure and                   adjusts the motor running speed so only the required pressure at any given time is                   delivered.

In a first for South Africa, Hytec Group companies Tectra Automation and Hytec collaborated to aid a motor vehicle OEM reduce energy costs at its Port Elizabeth engine plant. This was achieved with the installation of a Sytronix Variable Speed Pump Drive in mid-2017, which has subsequently achieved a proven energy saving of 68% on the machine for which it was installed.

 To reduce energy consumption Sytronix, which monitors the hydraulic pressure and adjusts the motor running speed so only the required pressure at any given time is delivered, was installed at the plant’s block machining line. This was the first of kind for this specific OEM and for the Hytec Group.

Sytronix, a Bosch Rexroth product, is a smart interplay of hydraulics and electronics to generate hydraulic power on demand. It maintains the ideal motor speed without using more motor power than is absolutely necessary leading to energy efficiency and cost-cutting. Additionally, Sytronix reduces the noise levels from 72 dB(a) to 62 dB(a), almost half of that experienced on conventional power units. As the unit is a combination of a hydraulic component and a drive and control component, both Hytec’s and Tectra Automation’s specialties were required for installation and commissioning.

 “Sytronix has been available as a drive solution for some time now,” says Adriaan Botes, Technical Sales Representative, Tectra Automation. “However, with the rise in electricity tariffs contributing to higher electricity costs, some companies are beginning to show an interest in this power-saving technology in order to reduce some of their overhead costs.”

 Installation and commissioning was conducted-over two days with Hytec installing the hydraulic components, drive and controls were installed by technical personnel from the OEM and overall commissioning was conducted by Tectra Automation.

 “Now that the absolute effectiveness of Sytronix as an energy-saving drive has been established in South Africa, we are pleased to be able to boast our prowess in assisting our customers to reduce energy usage,” concludes Botes.

 Tectra Automation’s standard after sales and service applies, and all componentry is warrantied for one year.

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