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Monday, 21 May 2018 06:19

Consistent and professional business class messaging with Ozone Information Technology Solutions

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Axigen leads the communication and collaboration offering provided by Ozone’s stable of IT solutions Johannesburg, South Africa, 14 May 2018: Ozone Information Technology Solutions is one of South Africa’s leading distributors of the Axigen email communication and collaboration product portfolio.

This intelligent and secure solution provides the full benefits of email communication and collaboration on a powerful mail server designed specifically to meet demanding business requirements. Axigen is fast, secure, scalable and customisable and includes an impressive bouquet of features and capabilities. “Axigen is designed to provide the business with fast and secure email communication while ensuring effective space management and 24/7 technical support,” says Henk Olivier, Managing Director, Ozone Information Technology Solutions.

“Available on both Windows and Linux operating systems, Axigen is comprehensive, easy to set up and customise and, perhaps most importantly, significantly reduces the admin burden.”

Axigen SmartProcessing and AxigenGrowSecure ensure fast and effective email communication and space management while ClamAV and SpamAssassin deliver additional email protection. Using Axigen, the business can synchronise email, contacts and calendars – wirelessly. It is also assured of both local and remote access - from native connectivity with Microsoft Outlook, to Ajax WebMail and POP/IMAP clients, Axigen provides email access across multiple platforms and services.

“Axigen includes multi-layer security and antivirus and antispam protection, much needed tools in the current cybercrime environment,” says Olivier. “It also has a variety of automated features that ensure backup, archiving, sync and other essential administrative tasks. It is a professional and reliable solution for any organisation looking to revitalise its email and communication systems without high overheads or barriers to entry. Simple to use and install, it offers an extensive set of tools to organisations of all sizes.”

To find out more about Ozone Information Technology and how it can work with your business to create intelligent technology, visit, call +27 10 591 5588, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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