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Monday, 12 May 2008 16:01

Do you have a mobi site yet?

{pp}If you still haven't got a mobi site then now would be the right time to get one. Expand your market reach, improve communication and get a web presence (or enhance your your current website) with this advanced next generation Mobile Internet application technology, which takes advantage of emerging industry & commercial trends, including web-based applications.

Recent acquisitions and developments by Microsoft, Yahoo and Google have a very strong mobile internet focus. They are realizing that people are going smaller and are getting used to being “always connected”, whether it is email, social web or having instant access to information. Google’s VP, Vinton Cerf, is predicting that mobile phones, not PC’s, are the future of the internet.

In February 2008, Vodafone CEO said at the World Mobile Congress that, “the mobile internet would define the future”. Mobile Internet overcomes the inherent weaknesses of the traditional Internet which include; plug-ins like Flash, files and pages that are large and take too long to download, too many frames, inability to integrate with SMS campaigns, and webmasters who focus on graphics alone and forget about search engine optimization.

Some of the benefits of owning a mobi site include, A Website that is displayed on three different platforms namely; traditional web, older generation cell phones and modern devices such as PDA’s and Windows Mobile based phones; An innovative communications system that informs your customers of events, specials & promotions and newsletters, allowing you to send free emails or SMS’s (25c each) with hyperlinks back to your mobi site; A mailing list management system that enables you to create different groups of recipients in order to target specific demographics; A very user-friendly management portal where you can quickly and easily update your website, newsletters or events calendar; and Search engine optimisation.

East of Eden Mobile Solutions, an East London based company are proud to offer this cutting edge technology to business owners countrywide irrespective of industry - every business can benefit from our wap applications at a fraction of the cost of similar traditional web applications.

In addition to standard wap solutions we also offer customised wapsite development.

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