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Thursday, 23 February 2017 09:04

ADSoftware’s new customers signed off in 2016

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In one year, 12 new airline companies decided to rely on ADSoftware’s ERP for the maintenance of their fleet, supported by commercial partnerships in Europe, Asia and Africa. “By choosing our solution, our clients confirm their commitment to their aircraft maintenance information system, to better meet the challenges of efficiency, quality and price.”, added Frédéric Ulrich when asked to comment on their financial results in 2016. In Central Africa in particular, ADSoftware has cemented its position as one the leaders for MRO services with the signing of several strategic customers such as:  

Serve Air Congo  

Serve Air is one of Dem. Rep. of Congo’s leading private sector cargo airlines in its formative stages based in Kinshasa (DRC). This organisation takes advantage of a specific gap in the short-haul domestic freight transportation market to ensure their growth. Incorporated in January 1993, Serve Air Group has been providing Domestic and International cargo service throughout DR Congo. In 2009, Serve Air introduced several B727-200 Super 27 Freighter aircrafts to their fleet, to serve the African cargo market with DRC. Currently four 737-300’s are being added to the fleet. Their mid-term objective is to replace the ageing 727’s over a 2-year period with the 737 aircraft. 3 Airbus 737’s have already been added to the fleet while the 727’s are still active. Serve Air is led by a highly experienced and motivated management team, driven by under-serviced markets and based on a solid business plan.  

Congo Airways  

Congo Airways was born from the government’s decision to promote the security and democratization of air transport in DR Congo. Inaugurated in 2014, their first commercial flight operated in October 2015. Congo Airways currently operates flights over 7 destinations nationwide. The state-owned company aims at positioning themselves as the leading airline in DR Congo, with the support of international 3rd party service providers, such as ADSoftware for the maintenance of their aircrafts.  Their fleet consists of 4 Airbus A320-216’s and 2 Bombardier turboprop aircrafts. New aircraft acquisitions are expected with the launch of international flights in the near future.  

Regourd Aviation  

Regourd Aviation is a French company founded in 1976, specializing in business aircraft trading, technical and financial expertise of aircraft and aeronautical management. With more than 35 years of experience, the group coordinates the daily upkeep and maintenance of its aeroplanes either with its own technicians (subsidiary AERO 4M and AIRMAIN) or by subcontracting specialized companies, such as ADSoftware in order to comply with European aeronautical standards and to respect construction guidelines. In addition to a network of regular airlines, the business activity of Regourd Aviation and its partners covers flights for governmental or para-governmental organizations and for oil and mining companies. The company also operates ad hoc charter flights, through their diverse fleet of Embraer ERJ135, ATR 42 and 72, Falcon 900EX, Beech 1900 and Dornier 228 aircrafts.  

About ADSoftware  

ADSoftware is a seventeen-year-old IT company based in France, with offices in Thailand, Brazil and South Africa. Specialising in solutions dedicated to the aviation industry, ADSoftware counts 56 clients worldwide. The strength of ADSoftware is the accessibility of its products which are Microsoft Windows® ready, web-enabled, and multilingual. The company provides 24/7 online technical support.  

The company has developed AIRPACK a modular ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) suite that includes six modules organised around a single database. Each module has its own specificities. AirTime is a dedicated tool for Fleet management & CAMO activities (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations), AirStock assists with inventory control & logistics, AirDoc is the documentation management module, AirUser handles security management, AirStat allows reliability and statistical reporting and AirWork, time-tracking software.  

ADSoftware has also developed DailyPack a package of two integrated modules, DailyReport and DailyQual, used by military, police and flight rescue operations. It is a solution dedicated to recording and managing all kinds of missions, and to follow-up on skills and qualifications of pilots and aircraft mechanics. The MRO software company recently introduced 4 new innovative mobile multiplatform apps to its flagship AIRPACK suite.  

In January 2015, ADSoftware was nominated as a Finalist in the Air Transport News 2015 Awards as IT Company of the year. In February 2015, ADSoftware was selected for the second time as a finalist in the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2015. The company was shortlisted in the SME Solution of the Year category.  

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