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Thursday, 16 February 2017 11:19

Foscam NVR Kits

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Foscam NVR Kit

For those of you looking to install an excellent security system at your home or office, look no further than at the Foscam NVR kits.

Excellent quality and value for money, you simply cannot beat the FN3108XE-B8-2T Kit or the FN7108E-B4-2T Kit from Foscam.

An NVR kit is essentially an entire camera and recording solution, sold as a complete set.

The FN3108XE-B8-2T from Foscam is a 1.0 megapixel Poe Kit that comes equipped with an NVR for recording with a pre-installed HDD. It offers a simplified PoE system, that is plug and play and will allow you to monitor 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The pre-installed HDD is 2TB but can actually record upto 4TB of footage due to the excellent video compression. The night vision range on these cameras is upto 20 metres at night, and even further during the day. Play back any 4 channels simultaneously alternatively you can login remotely via an app on your smartphone or view through a web browser. This NVR kit is excellent value for money as it comes complete with 8 cameras  and can be purchased from Foscam in Johannesburg for only R14 000.

The FN7108E-B4-2T Kit from Foscam has 4 cameras that are 2.0 megapixels. The NVR supports 8 channels (in other words can accommodate upto 8 cameras), and has a built in 2TB HDD. This kit also comes complete with some CAT5 cabling and screws. These camera kits are an ideal solution for the DIY enthusiast who wants to install their own security cameras. IP cameras or internet protocol cameras are the way of the future and are fast replacing dated analogue CCTV. These PoE camera kits provide an excellent CCTV solution and are fantastic quality and unbeatable value.

Foscam is a well-known international brand and can be purchased online or directly from the official distributors in Johannesburg at the Broadacres Shopping Centre.

For more information on the NVR kits, logon to the website,

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