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Monday, 27 February 2012 16:47

KIPH Finally Launches in South Africa


Innovation Hub, Pretoria, Gauteng, March 1st, 2012: The KIPH Team, today announced the launch of their e-commerce platform KIPH. KIPH provides niche designer products and men’s apparel to South African men.

“KIPH is about individuality. We believe in niche brands and the balance between form and function. We want hand-made not mass produced. We support the little guy, who is driven by passion and quality not economics and the bottom line. Life isn’t about the crowd,” said Dane van Zyl, the Marketing and Communications Director at KIPH.

Current retailers bring in last season’s products and sell them at a premium. Their attention is on economies of scale and large scale distribution. They cater for the sheep not the individual. Men are looking for something more than just ordinary products that are mass produced and sold to everyone everywhere. KIPH collaborates with hot young designers and brands. Brands that are usually focused on the American and European markets now have a simple way to enter South Africa. KIPH sources products that range in categories from style, space, groom, tech, media and gear to provide South African men with a complete lifestyle brand.

KIPH is a South African man’s lifestyle brand. It was started in 2011 in Taipei by its three South African co-founders Dane van Zyl, Wesley Rosslyn-Smith and Nathan van Zyl.

For additional information, contact Dane van Zyl.

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