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{pp}The latest version of the open source, advanced invoicing and contract management application, Open Bill, was released today on by Jumping Bean, the company sponsoring the development. Open Bill allows service orientated businesses such as Internet Service and Telecoms Providers to easily manage and track customer sales orders, contracts,…
{pp}This initiative is aimed at helping BEE companies, call centers and schools grow. Edeh and his colleagues call on companies to donate surplus working desktop Pentium computers, laptops, printers, networking and other equipment, and make a tax-deductible investment to eligible beneficiaries. "We have the experience and resources to make the…
{pp}BMC Software, locally represented by Blue Turtle Technologies, has announced their collaboration with Cisco to deliver a major management breakthrough for the new Cisco Unified Computing System.
{pp}Diskeeper Corporation has announced that it has reach the 35million licences sold milestone.
{pp}Reducing the energy consumed by computer information systems, is set to become a major priority for South African business this year, with a proposed 34% rate increase by Eskom, and the possible introduction of tariff-based penalties and government regulation. Userful Multiplier is a software product that will address this problem…
{pp}In today’s environment of multi-vendor hardware and software products, managing enterprise networks is a difficult task. This is especially true of managing firewalls, an organisation’s only defence against hacking, Internet fraud and electronic intrusion.
Monday, 11 May 2009 08:17

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{pp}Excel SuperUsers, owners of the exclusive Excel SuperUser series of seminars, are proud to announce the option of having our world-class seminars presented on-site on the client’s premises.
{pp}Top lawyers make AstroTech’s IT and the Law course a must.Cyber squatting has been outlawed after policy makers and lawyers thrashed out the final terms of regulations to the Electronic Communications Act that would deal with domain name disputes.
{pp}The Reserve Bank needs to review payment regulations and to “hold bi-lateral talks with South African technological innovators to liberalise payments and opening the market to those who normal can’t afford to bank.” Which is most of the earning market in South Africa and the developing world. David Reynders, managing…
{pp}disaster management critical to prevent corporate secrets being lost
Thursday, 30 April 2009 18:08

Shopping from ads using your cellphone - SA world first

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{pp}700m consumers will soon use their phones to shop globally
{pp}South Africa could create jobs and boost businesses by entering $56bn software and systems testing market.

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