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{pp}Hampton Solutions, the South African distributor of Quick Heal has announced that PC2Mobile Scan now supports more mobile phones in the Quick Heal Total Security product.
{pp}The South African Joomla! community is pleased to invite you to the first Durban Joomla! Day South Africa event on June 20 & 21, at Varsity College, Durban North. 
Tuesday, 03 June 2008 16:16

BEE IT firm goes national

{pp}Local black-empowered IT company, Reagola, has opened offices in Johannesburg and Durban. The company, which has retail giant Woolworths as a client, is now positioned to offer a national service to its existing and potential customers.
{pp}South African companies who bought the vision of a unified, all-software communications platform ten years ago are still reaping the rewards today. In 1998, a small company entered the South African telcoms space and took on established industry giants with its fresh approach to business communications. Now a global provider…
{pp} a South African ISP offering Affordable Web Site Hosting, Web Site Development, ADSL and othe Internet Connectivity Partners with SmarterTools Inc.
{pp}If you still haven't got a mobi site then now would be the right time to get one. Expand your market reach, improve communication and get a web presence (or enhance your your current website) with this advanced next generation Mobile Internet application technology, which takes advantage of emerging industry…
{pp}Hampton Solutions is fast becoming the new kid on the block and the kid with the IT tools that customers want. Added to it's small but growing repertoire of products is Arial Software.
{pp}Velisa Agencies boasts better than ever customer relations.Velisa Agencies are distributors of Diskeeper’s award winning automatic disk defragmenting software. With over 28 million copies sold world-wide, this is indicative of a highly useful product and the recent release of Diskeeper 2008 carries on this tradition.
{pp}An intensive two-day course in Web Project Management has been announced by digital strategy firm Britefire. The course teaches the professional principles and disciplines of Project Management, state-of-the-art methodologies for web development, and the leadership and communication skills essential for success. The course will be led by Karen Parkin, whose…
{pp}The internet has armed the hard-working public with the ultimate weapon – knowledge, and it’s about to win them a battle they didn’t know they were fighting. South Africans have joined the rest of the world in what’s building up to be the century’s biggest battle: irate consumers versus the…
{pp}Sherpa Software and Hampton Solutions give Lotus Notes users a huge boost when it comes to email management.Lotus Notes users now have a new product to choose from when it comes to email archiving and compliance in South Africa. Sherpa Software is now available in South Africa.
{pp}Hampton Solutions, distributors of Quick Heal Antivirus in South Africa announce yet another award won.Quick Heak Antivirus Plus 2008 has passed the tests for allow it to be awarded Check Mark Certification for Windows Vista Business Edition.

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