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{pp}Trafficonomy, the online gaming company enjoying ever-increasing growth and success with its local and international gaming portals, has concluded a management buyout from its former parent company, Forge Corporation Limited.
{pp}In-game advertising refers to the placement of advertising collateral within and around online games. As both the traditional offline and online advertising spaces become increasingly cluttered, in-game advertising has begun to mature into a multi-million dollar global market. The influential Yankee Group estimates that spending on in-game ads will reach…
{pp}KnowledgeTree™, the world's leading commercial Open Source document management system, has released a technology preview of its upcoming 3.3 version demonstrating significant user interface enhancements that further drive the product's ease of use and simplicity.
Thursday, 09 November 2006 16:03

Ananzi "jumps" into online shopping arena

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{pp}, South Africa's leading search engine and information portal, together with, the country's first shopping search engine, have launched the new Ananzi Shopping site, which can be viewed at .
{pp}Quality, affordability and ease of use, have made the digital camera a viable alternative to regular cameras some have used since the bygone days of the earliest ‘Brownie’ cameras. Worrying if we have enough film, trekking to the shops to get them developed and fiddling to reload a spool may…
[] Food24 is rolling out a new-look website, which taps into the current online social networking trend, in keeping with the strategies behind new portal,
Monday, 30 October 2006 14:00

Pick 'n Pay launches pre-paid Internet access

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[] Pick 'n Pay last week announced the launch of eazySurf, an Internet television (iTV) service which provides instant, pre-paid, Internet access for Pick 'n Pay customers, developed exclusively for the retailer by a South African company, iSurf.TV. The aim is to bring the information age to a far broader…
Monday, 16 October 2006 13:18

KRAZYBOYZ launch the Espresso Concepts web site

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[] Are you passionate about making great coffee and watching your friends' gasps of satisfaction every time they taste the perfect cup? Then KRAZYBOYZ has just launched the web site for you - Espresso Concepts...
[] @lantic Internet Services, has announced that it has grown its customer base by a further 5000 to more than 40,000 subscribers. "The company’s previous average year on year growth fluctuated at around 10% per year, but we have succeeded in growing our base by more than 14% over the…
[] SoftSelect has been awarded the distributorship for Africa for the XenSource Virtual Infrastructure Platform tools.
[]  Leading commercial Open Source document management vendor launches new offering that caters for small business and enterprise users, adds significant support for international languages and enhanced Windows integration toolsKnowledgeTree™, the world’s leading commercial Open Source document management system, has launched two new offerings catering for the SMB and enterprise…
[] News, Weather, Sharing Images with friends, these are common uses of the Internet. All over the world where broadband access is common in the home, people are using the internet to enhance their lives. All the major portals in South Africa use intense graphics to build their sites. This…

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