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[] Simple, ease to use plug-and-play Auditor appliances, missing link in African Government, Banking and Critical Infrastructure.VAD Africa, a leading African Information Security solutions distributor, announced the launch of the NetClarity Auditor appliance for the African market, today, in partnership with NetClarity, the manufacturer of these award winning network vulnerability…
[] iLogic, an interactive marketing agency, has released its web analytics product called iLogic Analyze. iLogic Analyze, is a cutting edge web analytics tool used for in-depth analysis of website statistics and ROI reporting on online campaigns.
Monday, 08 May 2006 04:00

iLogic Launches E-Mail Marketing Software

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[] iLogic, an interactive marketing agency, has released its e-mail marketing software called iLogic Send. iLogic Send, is an e-mail marketing software suite that can manage any e-mail marketing campaign.
[] Vinny Lingham, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of incuBeta, has been invited to become part of The Society of Industry Leaders.Vinny Lingham, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of incuBeta, has been invited to become part of a global network of industry leaders who participate in consultations with worldwide investment…
[] iBurst wireless broadband in South Africa is providing a real alternative to the incumbent monopoly.Broadband internet access was merely a pipe dream in South Africa until 2 years ago. Competition has been nonexistant becuase of a crippling regulatory environment and unwillingness by the incumbent monopoly Telkom to provide any…
Monday, 27 March 2006 04:00 Launches Games Channel

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SA’s largest news site has launched their Games Channel featuring a wide selection of free online gaming titles from casino, puzzle and card games to sport and arcade games. Developed in partnership with leading entertainment portal publisher, Trafficonomy, the 40+ games portal includes favourites like Pacman, Mah Jong Tiles,…
thawte, Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of a four-year agreement with Google Inc., thereby extending a six-year partnership between the two companies. The new agreement forms part of an even more significant agreement that also includes VeriSign services.
PHISHING ATTACKS, viruses, worms, key logging and a myriad of other malicious activity have done very little to instill trust in internet users. Instead, the seemingly relentless attacks by cyber criminals to defraud internet users of their saving and steal passwords, PINS and even full identities is steadily eroding user…

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