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{pp}Email marketing is still one of the most powerful (proverbial) arrows in the eMarketer’s quiver. Email marketing is so effective because it puts your brand and message directly into your customers’ inboxes – many people’s most frequent touch-point with the Internet.
Thursday, 11 February 2010 10:57

Three reasons why SEO campaigns fail

{pp}For an SEO campaign to be successful, there are many factors that have to be considered. It’s important to note that a successful SEO campaign needs constant attention, tweaking and nurturing and is definitely not a once-off process. As a digital marketing agency specialising in SEO, AlterSage has had a…
{pp}Diskeeper Corporation's Diskeeper product has for years been leading the performance and reliability technologies industry. Their latest release of Diskeeper 2010 includes new and exclusive technology called IntelliWrite which prevents up to 85% of fragmentation before it even occures.
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 11:07

Want To Grow Your Business Online?

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{pp}Outsource your marketing to Integral Fusion to see the differenceJanuary 16, 2010; Gauteng, South Africa: Are you really happy with the ROI from your website or the Internet per say? Are you able to capture your market and sphere of verticals? Did you guess ever that Internet can play a…
{pp}Following the global trend of data protection, South Africa is slowly realising the need for and benefits of information leak protection (ILP). According to Paul Meintjies, Product Manager – Security Products, Blue Turtle Technologies, there has been a shift from mere network protection to ILP.
{pp}Layer 7 Technologies, represented locally by Blue Turtle Technologies, has announced the launch of SecureSpan Gateway Amazon Machine Image (AMI) to simplify integration of hybrid Enterprise / Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) applications.
{pp}ArcSight, represented locally by Blue Turtle Technologies, has released Enterprise Security Management (ESM) 4.5. ArcSight ESM v4.5 incorporates a new feature set which broadens the product’s security information and event management functionality. This functionality includes query viewers for analysis, network modelling wizards, use cases for content deployment and improved third…
{pp}When one thinks of communication platforms, telephone, e-mail and perhaps Internet messaging programmes such as Skype come to mind. With the influx and proactive take-over of social media together with a variety of social networks, one of these platforms has come to stand out as a new communication platform. Twitter.
{pp}Sales are at the top of everyone's priority list for 2009. Marketing is the key ingredient to generate increased sales. This is why it's imperative to ensure that your marketing channels are utilised successfully and that they do not leave you out of pocket.
{pp}Tideway, represented locally by Blue Turtle Technologies, recently announced the availability of Foundation™ 7.3 – the latest version of its award-winning automated software appliance. Foundation 7.3 discovers all of a business’ servers, software, dependencies and business applications, providing a single, automated view of application topology. It takes the cost and…
Thursday, 08 October 2009 10:36

Blue Turtle expands product offering

{pp}Blue Turtle Technologies has signed a partnership agreement with US-based Fortify Software, the market leader in Software Security Assurance solutions, to distribute and support its suite of products.
{pp}In the current economic climate businesses are trying to find ways in which to optimise productivity and reduce costs in an effort to survive. While business process management (BPM) could be the answer, it often requires more resources, such as hardware and staff, which translates into more money. BPM solutions…

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