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{pp}Social networks are book clubs for the young – only they meet every day, several times a day. If the middle-aged gossip face to face (how conventional) over books, the young connect over computers and cellphones and whatever channels of communication that hardware offers: sms, mms, jpeg and, with increasing…
{pp}Recently launched social network site has already picked up some interesting content and is attracting young film-makers and musicians to the opportunity of sharing creative expression and opinion. But it has yet to go all the way and find its niche in the political and social discourse that is…
Thursday, 14 June 2007 19:15

SA website first to pay public for news content

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{pp}'MyVideo Breaking News' represents the first time South Africans can earn cash for compelling, relevant and exclusive video news content. Innovative video sharing site,, is encouraging would-be (and genuine!) journalists to film newsworthy video content on a camcorder or mobile phone and then MMS or email their content direct…
{pp}Synergy Corporate Technologies S.A. delivers the first Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 developer and designer training to South Africa. Synergy Corporate Technologies an international Infrastructure and Development services firm has announced training dates in South Africa for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) developer and designer training.  Synergy is the…
{pp}FundWorks SA today announces that Allan Gray has licensed and will be implementing FundReports, FundWorks’ Enterprise Client Communications and Reporting platform. Allan Gray will use FundReports in South Africa for the production of Monthly, Quarterly and Ad Hoc Client Reports for its Institutional clients.
Wednesday, 06 June 2007 19:59

First South African Joomla! Day

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{pp}For the first time in South Africa all those who are in some way involved with Joomla! will get together to share ideas and experiences with the open source content management system. The day aims at allowing all Cape Town Joomla! users, designers, developers, administrators, trainers, webhosts and other related…
Friday, 01 June 2007 12:38

Fragmentation Costs You Money

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{pp}Everybody has at some stage probably heard of fragmentation. Right? In a nutshell, fragmentation is the disorganization of files on your hard disk, where files get scattered or broken up into hundreds or even thousands of pieces called fragments, which leads to system slowdowns, crashes or even total system failure.…
{pp}The controversial online Taxi-Wars game appears to have tapped into a vein of public frustration, given the huge interest in the story. With an increase of 70,000 visitors in the 24 hours since the story was published in the media, this clearly indicates that the SA public's continuous frustration with…
{pp}Diskeeper Corporation Europe recently signed a distribution contract with Bliss IT Solutions cc, based in the Eastern Cape. Bliss IT Solutions cc will be importing and distributing Diskeeper Corporation’s award winning software Diskeeper®. Diskeeper is a System Performance Enhancement Software that keeps your disks and servers defragmented contributing to them…
{pp}Bliss IT Solutions cc, based in the Eastern Cape has signed a distribution contract with Diskeeper Corporation covering Southern Africa. The new company, founded by Charl Hoole, has a distribution agreement which was signed last month with the award-winning company in East Grinstead, UK.
{pp}Recently LG Mobile explored the possibility and practicality of using mobisodes as a possible alternatively medium to promoting their LG Chocolate brand. For this, they approached Leon Orsmond who heads up Osmosis, a creative ‘think tank’, to provide them with an alternative marketing solution.
Monday, 30 April 2007 20:51

Traversio Group Launches GO Rentals UK

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{pp}The TRAVERSIO Group this week announced a deal with DotCom Data Services in the UK to take on the South African GO Computer Rentals brand. "The brand has been been a remarkable success in South Africa since its launch only 6 months ago," says CEO Evan Berger.

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