31 March 2020

What to Consider when Looking at Containers for Sale

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
What to Consider when Looking at Containers for Sale

Container King is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative customized containers for sale since 2015 in South Africa and across the African continent.

The company values customer satisfaction and takes the utmost care to supply their customers with affordable products and custom-made solutions to suit their every requirement.Container King provides a few important points to consider as well as considerations around optional features such as rubberized flooring, before you decide to rent or buy a container.

New vs Secondhand

If you are looking at secondhand containers for sale for the purpose of food storing, remember that you will probably have to replace the seals.The expert team at Container King always make sure that previously owned containers are clean and cleared from any trace of previously stored products and that the seals are airtight.You will also have to keep in mind that a used container might not come with the same guarantee as a used one. 

Different Shapes and Sizes

Container King offers different size containers (3m, 6m, & 12m) to buy or rent. If you already have a container, but need conversions to be done, our team is more than capable to handle your requests. Perhaps you want a storage unit turned into a shower or even an on-site office with windows, shelves or a sink. At Container King we can do all that for you.

Why you Should Invest in Shipping Containers

No long waiting times for a building to be constructed. If you are planning to store valuable goods, shipping containers offer lots of security as opposed to a conventional storage unit. Containers are very versatile and can be re purposed at any time at a low cost. Shipping containers are made to be durable, especially in the rough conditions at sea, which translates into no or  very low maintenance cost for you.Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our wide selection of affordable containers for sale and the custom solutions we offer.