29 October 2020

Top Quality HDPE Pipes for the South African Development Community, Africa and Asia

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
Top Quality HDPE Pipes for the South African Development Community, Africa and Asia

Pretoria, October 29 2020

HDPE pipes and fittings are fast becoming the material of choice among contractors, engineers and customers for a wide variety of industry applications including energy, mining, landfill, industrial, municipal, oil, gas, agriculture and many more.  Why one would ask?   

Here are 7 Reasons to Invest in HDPE Pipes



HDPE pipes have an incredible lifespan. Due to material advances in HDPE, HDPE100 pipes are expected to last up to 50 - 100 years (depending on pipeline design, application, and service conditions).

Cost Effective

Due to the prolonged lifespan, easy installation, and connection of HDPE pipes it is the more cost-effective choice.The myriad of connection options (such as: Electro Fusion, Butt Welding, Fusion Welding, and many more) also opens these pipes to a variety of applications.(View our HDPE Welding here)We have farmers who use 110 mm Outside Diameter pipes with compression fittings as irrigation systems and regularly moving their pipelines from one point to another to mines who use 450mm Outside Diameter pipes welded, stubbed, and flanged as slurry systems. Installation costs are low and depending on the application and installation the pipeline should be maintenance free during its useful life.

Multiple Uses

Although HDPE is preferred for the supply of water, it can also be used for the design of numerous other products. Some examples of what our pipes have been used for are musical instruments, go-cart wheels, cattle feeders, fitness equipment, farming domes and many more. It can also transport materials other than water. 

Flexible and Durable

HDPE pipes can also be manufactured in lengths and coils (rolls) up to 300m coils for certain pipes, which makes transportation more convenient and saves costs on connections/fittings. One of our customers had a specific application which could not make use of jointing, we solved the challenge by successfully manufacturing a continuous 90mm OD 940m pipe coil for this customer. Due to its flexibility it is also extensively used to reline old concrete/PVC pipelines through trenchless technology. We specialize in the manufacture of pipes used for trenchless technology and keep stock at our Koedoespoort pipe factory of the pipes favoured by Trenchless Drillers. Due to the flexibility and durability, HDPE pipes are unaffected by soil settlements if correctly installed. Survives earthquakes and landslides better than some of the other pipe options available.

Unique Properties

Due to the carbon black in HDPE100 it is UV resistant. HDPE has excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance. It has a very low friction loss and maintains this throughout its useful life. HDPE is relatively chemically inert; it maintains the general properties of the fluid inside the pipeline, which is why HDPE is used for the transportation of chemicals at a low temperature. HDPE can withstand surges due to its water hammer characteristics compared to other pipe systems. Optimum flow rate

Carbon Footprint

HDPE pipes are eco-friendly and can be recycled at any given time or once the end of a lifespan has been reached, which is an added benefit to the current state of our environment.

Long Track Record of Excellent Performance

Since the 1950’s HDPE has steadily been replacing other pipe material systems due to its many advantages and applications, building up an excellent worldwide track record against other pipeline materials.

Pipeflo has been manufacturing HDPE pipes for more than 19 years, and have numerous pipes installed across the African continent and HDPE has proven itself over and over again. 

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