01 June 2022

SLICE2OWN Launches Innovative Luxury Second Home Co-ownership Platform in Cape Town

Submitted by KLaus Schulte
SLICE2OWN Launches Innovative Luxury Second Home Co-ownership Platform in Cape Town

Cape Town, 01 June 2021. SLICE2OWN, the luxury vacation rental co-ownership platform, launches its managed co-ownership model in Cape Town. The holding company enables the proportional acquisition of high-quality holiday properties in Cape Town's top locations and takes over the administration and extensive services on site.

“Interest in holiday properties is increasing worldwide and has received a significant boost from the corona crisis. Until now, domiciles in the premium segment were only affordable for a small target group and associated with high administrative costs. With the managed co-ownership model, we can make this dream possible for many more people and at the same time focus on enjoyment through our service,” explains Dr.Klaus Schulte, co-founder, and co-CEO of SLICE2OWN.

The new platform offers fully managed co-ownership shares in luxury second homes in attractive holiday locations in Cape Town. Buyers purchase their property proportionately according to their usage profile, for example, 1/10 for 30 days of use per year or 4/10, which corresponds to 4 months of service per year. It is not time-sharing. A maximum of ten shares owns the holiday home. SLICE2OWN takes care of the purchase process, land registration, high-quality furnishings with interior designers, maintenance, and, if desired, other services that make staying in your own holiday property a five-star experience. SLICE2OWN provides an app for the booking, which guarantees a simple and fair distribution of the high and low season times among the co-owners. The managed co-ownership model is already highly successful in the American market and is now developing into an exciting alternative in other countries.

Most vacation properties are used for less than eight weeks a year and are vacant the rest of the time. The proportionate purchase lowers the acquisition costs for the buyer and improves the ecological balance of the real estate. The significantly higher annual occupancy reduces the space required for new buildings and enables more efficient use of resources.

SLICE2OWN offers a constantly growing range of luxury properties in Cape Town. In addition to the amenities of a second home, buyers benefit from attractive capital investment. Due to the strict selection of properties in top locations and the precise examination by SLICE2OWN, co-owners participate in their value development. They can sell their shares at any time later if they wish. For owners of holiday properties, there is also the possibility of a partial sale via the platform, which then offers the shares to interested parties. Anyone who has a specific property in mind as a prospective buyer and is interested in co-ownership can suggest it for purchase or form their own SLICE2OWN together with friends. SLICE2OWN takes over the structuring, finds missing shareholders, and acts as a neutral third party with rules and services for everyone.

With Dr. Klaus Schulte and his colleagues, the company is backed by experienced founders who can already look back on numerous successful start-ups, including co-ownerships in Egypt, Dubai, and Germany.

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We make your dream holiday property affordable and stress-free. With managed co-ownership, ten owners with usage jointly own a holiday home in Cape Town.

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