08 April 2020

SAWA Group Explains The latest Trends in Construction Industry

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SAWA Group Explains The latest Trends in Construction Industry

SAWA Group being the leading provider of turnkey civil engendering and construction solutions takes pride in using the state of the art technology to meet the complex needs of our client’s projects.  With years of experience and knowledge in the civil engineering and construction field, we strive to meet your project requirements on time with and in accordance with the standards.

Our civil engineering and construction division provides general contracting, electromechanical engineering and turnkey-build solutions for infrastructure and superstructure projects. Along with the construction services, we offer bespoke support services to offer support to clients even after the project is completed.  Our plant and machinery division works in close collaboration with the construction department and is responsible for managing a fleet of construction machinery.

Our plant and machinery team is responsible for supervising extensive inventory of construction machinery and plant hire activities.  We are responsible for training operatives. Keeping a close eye on the latest trends in the construction industry, we take pride in using the latest technology to complete the project on time. Some of the construction trends you are going to see everywhere in 2020 include:

IoT things: Yes, you heard it right! With the rise in the adoption of data-driven technology in the construction field, we are going to see innovations in how technology is used for performing construction functions. Embedded sensors on the work site help in creating a huge opportunity for managing data while automating the manual work. Smart devices and wearable technology are also used at construction sites for speeding up the process.

AI and machine learning: With the IoT, construction firms also need tools to manage all this data. This is where machine learning comes to the forefront. With the help of machine learning construction firms are going too aggregate and organize data from connected work sites in real-time. This will result in the effective functioning of various on-site functions. AI and machine learning are going to act as a linchpin for collecting and analyzing streams of data.

Predictive analytics: SAWA Group makes use of predictive analysis to analyze data and make future predictions. With the help of predictive analytics, we want to create a new approach to problem-solving by using data, predictive patterns in the workflow and innovative solutions. Predictive systems help in anticipating problems and help project managers to come up with innovative solutions right on time.