09 November 2021

Retaining Walls: From design to installation

Submitted by Chemarin Rabe
Retaining Walls: From design to installation

The days of building retaining walls to keep soil from falling downhill are long gone. Thanks to technological and construction advancements, retaining walls have numerous useful applications. These structures are now used for unique landscape designs, to create access roads, pavilions, and much more.

Established in 1992, Decorton Retaining Systems Pty (Ltd) has years of expertise in creating the leading retaining systems in its industry. We have extensive local terrain knowledge, allowing us to complete even the most challenging installations. Our retaining walls are suitable for application in commercial, industrial and residential spaces. They have featured in various well-known spaces such as the V&A Waterfront, Tygervalley Waterfront and Green Point Stadium.

Retaining walls from Decorton
Retaining walls are constructed to keep the earth at various depths and commonly have steep vertical slopes where the soil would otherwise not remain in place. Our structures are often placed in settings where the terrain must be moulded for specific reasons such as roadways, agriculture, pavilions, and other uses.

There are many distinct types of retaining walls available for different terrains and demands. Our staff are trained in designing and installing all types of retaining solutions to match our clients' varied demands. We utilize the best retaining materials on the market to ensure the structural integrity of each retaining system for a long-lasting outcome.

What we offer

At Decorton, we provide a wide range of retaining walls, including the complete design of bespoke retaining solutions. We supply and install the following ranges of industry-standard products:

  • Terraforce® blocks
  • Löffelstein® blocks
  • Terrace Blok®
  • Decorwall block®

Local engineers, architects, and landscapers trust Decorton for their retaining projects. We have the expertise and insight to handle projects of all sizes, from heavy-duty retaining wall systems to noise barrier systems and tennis courts. Over the years, we've worked on a wide range of projects and have completed a large number of successful installations. As a result, clients may rest assured that we will deliver superior results.

We understand the importance of correctly designed and installed retaining systems. Our team can assist with applications throughout the northern and southern suburbs of Cape Town.

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