28 March 2020

Specialists in Redeployable Camp Systems in South Africa

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
Specialists in Redeployable Camp Systems in South Africa

Offering innovative, turnkey solutions for companies seeking temporary structures, CBRM is one of South Africa’s foremost companies providing top quality redeployable camp systems.

Our solutions are perfect for the mining, military, aviation, construction and rental industries, and with our competitive prices, our clients can easily budget this solution into their expenses. Camp systems are also ideal for the luxury accommodation industry, the kind offering safari adventures to remote locations.

CBRM & F3 Group operate in just about all industries. Our redeployable camp systems can be tailored to the specific needs of our clients and can be either semi-permanent or permanent set ups.  

Redeployable means the camp can be moved quite easily when necessary, which is exactly why these camps are made for those industries that are always on the move.

We have successfully installed camps across the country and have become industry experts in the deployment of camps. Our solutions are designed to be comfortable, durable and affordable.

We employ an expert team to handle the often technical camp installation and redeployment. They ensure that the camps are safely constructed and provide exactly what it is that our clients are looking for.

Types of Redeployable Camps

To cater to our clients, we offer a variety of camp systems, perfect for certain industries. Our solutions are specifically tailored and we work closely with our clients to ensure that they receive a personalised service.Our solutions include canvas tents, luxury tents, large modular systems, prefabricated systems, and PVC fabric units.

Military Deployment Camps

Although they might not seem like such a common necessity to those who are not in the military, these camps become a mini community for military personnel on deployment. Designed to be a comfortable home away from home, these camps not only offer accommodation but also dining facilities, ablution blocks, medical units and offices.These turnkey solutions are rapidly set up and made to be durable, surviving even the harshest of environments.CBRM can install these camps for those military units who are on the move.

Mining Deployment Camps

When a new mine is started, or when the mining activity is going to be a temporary, having a deployable camp set up for admin or even accommodation purposes, is one way to save on costs while not compromising safety or comfort.These solutions can be setup close to operations and modular buildings are often preferred for the sturdy structure and their reliability.

Medical Redeployment Camp Systems

In times of crisis, or simply to have a temporary set up to provide medical services in an out of reach community, the medical camp solutions are the ideal option. These systems are just as durable and efficient as the other camp varieties and when properly ventilated, they can become the perfect sterile environment regardless of their location.Medical redeployment camp systems are also capable of being turned into temporary hospitals, where patients can be placed in ward like tents and taken care of.

Construction Camps

Some construction sites are long term set ups, with construction carrying on for months on end. During this time, especially if the location of the site is somewhat remote, it helps to have temporary offices set up on site.While accommodation won’t necessarily be an issue, ablution and admin office facilities are most certainly a necessity.Our turnkey solutions are perfectly suitable for the construction industry and seeing that they are quick and easy to set up, companies can be ready to work with not a moment wasted.


For temporary classrooms, or when opting for a permanent solution to a lack of teaching space, our modular solutions are quite the perfect option. These structures are durable and safe to use, providing enough space for students to comfortable receive their lessons.Additionally, these facilities used for education, can be used for school offices or event sport facilities.The various other industries that can benefit from having one of our camp solutions include the entertainment industry, the non-profit industry, and the agricultural industry. Should you have a more specific camp requirement, it is best to get in touch with our team. We will be able to guide you to the appropriate solution.

Our Redeployable Camp System Services

While we supply the camp systems, we also provide a number of related services for our clients. These services include maintenance, onsite support and a variety of rental options.Our redeployable camp systems are quickly installed and made to last. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to request a quotation.