13 January 2021

Professional Electricians, Solar & CCTV Installations in Gauteng

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
Professional Electricians, Solar & CCTV Installations in Gauteng

Since 2002 Volts Electrical, leading electricians in Sandton have been a specialist supplier of all electrical projects and maintenance services to the Industrial, Commercial and Domestic sectors in Sandton. The diverse skills, extensive certification and years of valuable experience of our team of electricians enable us to deliver design, installation and maintenance of everything to our clients in the area.

Excellent service, outstanding quality and safety first are the three focal points in everything that we do, whether it is changing a lamp, installing a switchboard or multi-megawatt supplies, the team at Volts Electrical meets always meets the highest standards and exceed compliance on all relevant legislation with a large number of accreditations, affiliations and certifications. We pride ourselves in delivering on quality with a unaffected personalization of service and attention to the minutest details, delivering on value engineering projects to ensure the most cost effective solutions for our clients.

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Our electrical services include:

  • Plan layouts for electrical wiring in a building.
  • Find solutions to our customer’s electrical problems.
  • Test, repair, and maintain different types of electrical equipment.
  • Install switchboards.
  • Install lights, power outlets, and cables.
  • Understand what needs to be done to solve the electrical task at hand.

We are available for any emergency/callout 24/7. Volts Electrical is a registered safe and ECB approved contractor adhering to the highest quality standards and requirements of the industry.

Tired of blackouts. Need we say more? In South Africa we are more than familiar with power cuts and at Volts Electrical, we can make those blackouts a little easier by offering you our solar energy backup power plan.

Our years of experience as one of the trailblazing solar companies in Gauteng coupled with all of the advancements in the electrical industry, especially in the field of solar energy, means that we are in the perfect position to meet and exceed our clients’ solar needs. We supply a wide range of solar products and in doing so, we can give our clients more options. This versatility and flexibility is our super power, and it is what helps us to set our work apart from all other solar companies in Gauteng.

Volts Electrical also focuses on home automation related services, including the installation of CCTV systems. Our CCTV installations are available throughout Gauteng, including Kempton Park, Boksburg, Centurion, Randburg, Sandton, Roodepoort, and Midrand.

We have done cctv installations in private residences, big and small car parks, and different kind of business premises across Gauteng. We are experienced when it comes to both designing camera layouts and doing the installation of the CCTV cameras. We welcome your enquiries at any time – our experienced team is always at hand to answer all your questions. Visit our website and contact us today to arrange your no obligation survey and quotation.