02 June 2022

Nidec Control Techniques to aid industrial recovery

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Nidec Control Techniques to aid industrial recovery

After the fatal floods experienced in Durban and surrounds in April, hard-hit businesses are scrambling to recover and minimise the damage to their bottom line. In the industrial and manufacturing sector specifically, the lost production time poses a prominent threat to business health. Considering this, Nidec Control Techniques has arranged a dedicated team to help businesses in the region get their operations up and running with urgency.

Nidec Control Techniques Vice President MEA | Africa & Middle East, Bruce Grobler, explains: “When it comes to production, time is money. It is estimated that the floods in KwaZulu-Natal will lead to a 1.8% GDP loss for Durban, with a recovery time of three months. But businesses simply cannot afford to wait that long to get things back to pre-flood operating levels. That’s where we come in.”

Grobler says when he read that 38% of effected business are in the manufacturing sector, he knew swift action was needed. Leveraging Nidec Control Technique’s extensive partner network, Grobler arranged the KZN relief team with the support of Durban-based distributors, Feedback Electronics. “We’ve worked with Feedback Electronics for decades . We are thrilled that, together, we can support the KZN area with a service team ready to visit effected sites and offer technical expertise.”

Nidec’s dedicated service team has already been on hand at multiple effected sites. The team has worked on several pump stations since the floods, to ensure water supply is uninterrupted as the floods wreaked havoc on infrastructure. In the food and beverage sector, the team has undertaken audits and assessments to get strategic operations up and running with urgency.

The automotive sector was also impacted, with many large automotive companies reporting a trail of destruction at their plants in the south of Durban. “For plants facing such a huge level of devastation, we have done extensive site assessments to help businesses identify critical needs. You could call this a technology triage of sorts, where we help form a plan to address urgent fixes that can get the plant up and running as soon as possible,” says Grobler. “At the Durban harbour, too, the service team has assisted in crisis management by completing retrofits and upgrades to various cranes that were impacted by the floods”, he explains.

“We encourage any effected businesses to contact us for help. Our team has a strong track record of being fast and effective for customers in need. We have high stock availability, backed by solid after-sales support that will ensure you get the solutions you need, up and running with no time wasted. We understand the devastation that many industrial businesses are facing, and we are here to help,” concludes Grobler.

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In South Africa, Nidec Control Techniques represents and distributes Control Techniques drives and associated control equipment. Nidec Control Techniques is a leading provider of industrial automation solutions, with a presence across the country and a comprehensive offering sure to extend the efficiency and life cycle of your plant and equipment.

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