15 March 2016

New Name And Logo For Bird Control Services

Submitted by Sam Poole
New Name And Logo For Bird Control Services

Bird Control Services, the leading provider of bird proofing interventions in the Western Cape, has announced this month that they will, in future, be known as Bird Deterrent Specialists. After 16 successful years in the industry, the company has made the change in an effort to complement a renewed determination to enter a new phase of continuous improvement to their product and service offering.

“We are extremely excited about the changes we’ve made. The changes to our name and corporate identity went hand-in-hand with a fresh and energetic effort to realign the company’s brand image and message with its core values and future strategies. We feel that the name “Bird Deterrent Specialists” better communicated the service we provide to our clients. We are the same professional and experienced team, we’ve just spruced up our look and improved the way we do business.”, said Marketing Manager, Sam Poole.

Bird Deterrent Specialists provide bird proofing solutions for buildings and structures facing bird infestation and contamination. This is achieved by the installation of one or more deterrent products on or in the building, guaranteed to prevent birds from perching or nesting on the structure.

“It’s important to us that our clients are aware that the products and service we provide are harmless to birds, and that they not only provide important disease prevention to individuals occupying these buildings, but also contribute to a reduction in maintenance costs.”, said Ms. Poole.

“Although always having been innovators in our industry, having designed a number of successful product solutions, we are determined to enter a new era of research and development of products complying with the criteria of being effective, affordable and aesthetically pleasing. These are significant aspects of our business that we feel the new Bird Deterrent Specialists name and brand communicate to the public.”, added Ms. Poole.

As Bird Deterrent Specialists, the company will continue to provide and improve upon their guaranteed, specialist bird proofing services to the Western Cape, supported by their highly skilled workforce and renewed brand image.

Bird Deterrent Specialists

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Marketing Manager at Bird Deterrent Specialists - The leading Pest Bird control service provider in the Western Cape.