11 August 2015

Launch of the best property portal for property owners

Submitted by Riovic, Inc.
Launch of the best property portal for property owners

Pretoria - The real estate industry continues to grow exponentially, new developments are completed everyday but property returns are also falling as economic pressure grows. This is mainly because people are unable to afford the cost of renting or buying property among other reasons.

One of the main factors to property pricing is the addition of fees charged by property agents who lease or sell real estate on behalf of owners. This becomes a problem because it inflates the price the owner expects to get from his property and the additional cost ends up being carried by the renter or the buyer. The main reason owners choose to use agents is because of the heavy administrative processes that are involved in the industry and the lack of innovations that simplify them.

This has seen a lot of owners lose potential business mainly because a lot of property seekers go online looking to deal with owners directly with the desire to reduce costs. This search has exposed them to thousands of fraudster who falsely post property on classified ads websites and end up stealing money from them. This is where Riovic comes in.

Riovic is the latest and most innovative property portal in South Africa meant for property owners to list property as landlords, accept applications, screen renters and manage rent collection online making it easier for them to manage their property businesses on their own. This allows users to search for property and rent directly from owners. This innovation gives all the power back to owners in a professional environment and relieves renters and buyers of all the additional charges they pay for real estate agents.

Riovic is giving away a free trial for 1 year and invites property owners to signup and list their properties.